How to Unlock MySpace

MySpace is one of the most popular and visited social networking sites. This site allows people to socialize with relatives, friends and loved ones with the use of the Internet. It is also helpful in maintaining communications between family members. Unfortunately, many establishments and institutions such as offices and schools block this website. Below are the different methods and simple steps that computer users can follow if they want to know how to unlock MySpace.


Most school administrators use firewalls to block MySpace or to restrict students from accessing the site. To access the blocked site, students can look for free proxies. Proxy sites are very useful because these allow users to visit restricted web pages anonymously. Use reliable search engines such as Yahoo! as well as Google to look for proxies. Surf the proxy site. Indicate the URL of MySpace at the URL box and press enter. Fill the login form to unlock the social networking site.

IP Address

Another effective method of unlocking MySpace is by using the IP address of this social networking site. The initial step is to identify the IP address that the site is presently using. To know the address, type MySpace’s URL at the search box of Google or Yahoo! and press enter. Afterwards, type the IP address of the site at the URL box and press enter to unlock MySpace.

Google Cache

Cache is one of the Google tools that can be used to unlock MySpace. To bypass the firewall and to access the restricted site, the first step is to direct the browser to the search engine. Type MySpace’s URL in the search box and press enter. Afterwards, look for the first search result. At the bottom of the result, click cached. Login and surf the social networking site.

Adding Proxy Servers

If the above-discussed methods fail, feel free to access and surf MySpace by using proxy servers. The first step is to search for available proxy servers through the Internet. Write down the port and code of the proxy server that will be used. Afterwards, open the Internet browser. Go to tools and choose options. Choose the advanced tab and click the network option below. Choose connection settings and click the bullet beside ‘manual proxy configuration.’ Type the code as well as the port of the proxy that will be used. Click ok and close the browser. Shut down the computer. After a couple of minutes restart the computer and open the browser. Type MySpace’s URL at the URL box and press enter.

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