How to Use Facebook

Definitely one of the fastest growing and highly popular free social networking websites today, Facebook has helped connect people from all corners of the world. With the help of this online tool, even childhood friends who have lost touch and are now miles apart, can instantly connect, communicate and interact with one another. Likewise, it is a simple, convenient and safe way to make friends even with strangers. If you are new to Facebook, or FB as most refer to it, here are some basic tips that will get you started:

The Basics

Before you can start finding friends and viewing their profiles, you first need to set up a Facebook account.  Go to the Facebook home page ( and populate the fields under the signup option to create your account. Once your account is set, you are good to go. You can go to your account and update various details about yourself. Be sure to put the proper details about yourself because this can actually help your friends find you easier.

The next time you access Facebook, you will have to enter your email address and the corresponding password to access your account and go to your personal home page. This helps secure the accounts of members. Inside your own account, you can use the search feature to find friends by name and send them friend requests. Once they accept your friend requests, you can stay connected to each other; every new activity of yours will be visible to your friends and vice versa; you can send each other mails, play games together online, take quizzes about each other, share images, videos, links and much more. There is also a high likelihood of you finding more people you know on your friends’ list of friends, and your network on Facebook grows. Friends, co-workers, relatives will all end up becoming part of your network. It is important that your friends also have Facebook accounts before you can actually add them. You can use the friend finder application in Facebook to invite all the contacts from your email to be your friends on Facebook; or, if they do not currently possess Facebook accounts, you can send them an invite to join Facebook and become your friend!

At the upper left part of your page, you can find the Status Updates option. This can help you keep in touch easier with the most recent activities and lives of your friends. In the same way, your friends can learn more about the recent happenings in your very own life.

Facebook offers a wide variety of applications for you to use. Simply click the Applications button found there and you can select from many kinds of applications available there. You can also bookmark items that you use often, enabling easy access to them. You can also become a fan of people, movies, restaurants, foods and websites among many other choices.

At the lower right side of your account, you can see the Chat button. This will allow you to see who among your friends are currently online. Likewise, you can chat with them instantly.

You can also update your friends with the recent activities in your life through pictures and videos, which you can upload easily to your account. Once you create a Facebook account and master the basics, there are endless options that allow you to interact with other people in myriad ways. Be sure to update and improve your account frequently so that your friends know what’s going on in your life, even if they are nowhere near you!

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