How to Use a Pressure Cooker

As one of the nicest ways to cook food, pressure-cooking offers people a number of advantages. Compared to some other methods, this one is definitely faster. Furthermore, it makes use of less energy than other cooking methods such as oven cooking, steaming and boiling. Because the temperature used in this cooking process is higher, viruses and bacteria can also be killed in the process. Before you can enjoy these benefits, it is necessary to learn first how to use a pressure cooker.


Before you start cooking, it is good to check the equipment first. Find out if the seal is still okay to achieve the best results. It is usually made from rubber, which is found along the edges inside the lid. It is good to check this part regularly because it tends to dry up and crack as it gets old. In case this happen, the equipment will not function properly. Replace it right away to achieve optimum results.

Before you shut it, line the lid up first. Once the food is inside, it is highly important to make sure that the lid is closed properly. Shut the lid tightly by twisting it. It is dangerous to cook using this equipment once the lid is improperly closed. At the top of the lid, put the pressure plug slowly but surely. This will actually cover the opening at the middle part of the lid.

Check if the pressure plug will jiggle. To do this, turn the stove on and then heat up the bottom part of the equipment. Because of the pressure caused by the steam going out, the plug will begin to jiggle. This is actually a good sign that the pressure is working properly. At the same time, it is a clear indication that the food is being cooked under pressure.

Once the valve is up, never open the pressure cooker. When pressure is built up within the cooker, the valve automatically flips up. It is very dangerous to open the valve because of the extreme heat inside. Wait for the valve to go down first before opening the cooker. In case you are in a hurry, there are certain pressure cooker models, which can be cooled down right away by dipping them in a sink filled with iced water.

When the lever goes down, it shows that it is safe to open the pressure cooker. This usually happens when making stew, wherein at some point you have to open the lid to add vegetables and other ingredients that cook easily, particularly after the meat is done.

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