How to Use a Rifle Scope

It is always important to be familiar with one’s weapon of choice. When it comes to shooting a rifle, learning how to use a rifle scope is a vital part of one’s recreational shooting education.

The first step in how to use a rifle scope is to properly set up the target. The conventional distance for firing a rifle is from 100 up to 150 yards away. While using a rifle scope does enable one to take aim at a target positioned at an even farther distance, this does not necessarily guarantee an entirely accurate shot. Shooting from the ideal distance would at least improve one’s odds of hitting the bull’s-eye.

One must always make sure that the firing area is clear on all sides. For obvious safety reasons, nobody should be standing anywhere near the target area, nor should there be anyone close to the sides of the firing line. Spectators should position themselves at the back of the shooter.

Next, the shooter then takes the appropriate shooting position, choosing from the three basic shooting poses. The first is the Standing position which, as the name so obviously suggests, requires one to hold their rifle standing up. The second is the Kneeling position, where one is of course on their knees. Lastly, there is the Prone position, which entails lying flat on one’s belly. After taking the shooting stance called for, one may now begin to adjust the rifle scope.

Viewing the target through the rifle scope, one will see two intersecting lines. These are called the cross hairs, which serve the shooter to line up their target. The midpoint of the cross hairs indicates the very spot that the rifle is aiming at and where the bullet should hit once the gun is fired.

The shot must be precisely lined up so as to ensure that the target’s center is caught in the center of the cross hairs. A test shot should be fired first in order to verify the point of impact. Should the shot hit either too high or low, the elevation adjustment located on the top of the rifle scope should be used. If the shot strays too far either to the right or the left, the windage adjustment typically found at the right side of the scope should then be utilized.

Once the proper calibrations have been made on the rifle scope, another test shot is to be fired. If the right adjustments appropriate for the particular shooting distance have been made, the shooter should be “zeroed in;” that is, be able to hit the target as accurately as possible. Knowing how to use a rifle scope, one may also try to shoot a target from even farther than the standard 100 to 150 yard firing distance. However, the farther away the gun is from the target, the less accurate the shot becomes. The scope must then be re-adjusted in order to get a precise shot.

Learning how to use a rifle scope should serve to keep shooters on target, but it should always be noted that this is not all there is to it when engaging in recreational shooting. One must always remember that even when used for sport, a rifle is still dangerous. Inexperienced shooters in particular should receive the proper instructions and supervision when brandishing a firearm.

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