How to Ride a Motorcycle

So, you have always wanted a two-wheel adventure? Well, look no more because we will give you the tips and tricks on how to ride a motorcycle the safest way!

* To give yourself a head start, it would be nice if you familiarize yourself what a motorcycle is all about. Get to know your riding buddy by reading through the manual. It is important to know the motorcycle type that you have before learning how to ride. Different motorcycles require different ways of operating.

* Gear up for safety. Upon learning what motorcycle type you have and how to operate it, you must remember not to speed up unless you are in a complete safety gear. There are many risks that come with motorcycle riding and the first step to lessening those risks is dressing up properly for the adventure. A helmet, gloves, boots, and armored clothing would help a lot in reducing the possible hurts that going down a motorcycle might cause.

* Learn about the rules. Wait, it is not time to step on the gas just yet. You need to learn the riding rules in the specific area you are in to make sure that you will break no law along the way. The rules and regulations are naturally designed to protect you, the rider, so it is non-sense to ignore them.

* Throwing a leg over. This is a literal take on learning how to ride a motorcycle. Throw a leg over your bike coming from the left side. Upon straddling the bike, it is time to get yourself acquainted with the ergonomics.

* Using the Clutch. Manual motorcycles are designed with a clutch, which requires you to know how to use it in coordination. The clutch is located at the left handgrip. To make your bike move, you will have to clasp the clutch firmly then slowly release it as you apply gas. This will take time to master so be patient. Along the way, you will also learn to change gears by using the clutch, the gas, and the gear in constant coordination.

* Changing gears. The transmission setup is usually operated by the left foot. One click up is neutral, then second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth gear. When reducing speed, you will need to click down.

* The brake. One of the most important facets of a motorcycle is the brake and learning about braking is one of the more important lessons to master before taking up speed. You must be quick and effective in braking to take control of your bike. Using the hand and foot brakes provide different result. Make sure that you allot some time to master taking control by learning how to slow down smoothly.

Once you have learned the basics on how to ride a motorcycle, you are free to know the different techniques of riding in style. Always remember, however, not to put your life at risk.

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