How to Use Essential Oils

Before using essential oils, it’s important to know that they are never used on skin undiluted. The typical dilution level should be 2.5%. This is about 15 drops of the essential oil for every ounce of the carrier oil. Other uses will need fewer drops.

Essential Oil for the Face

If you’re going to use it for facial steam, add 5 drops of oil in a pint of water. The same amount of drops will be used if you’re using a facial steam. For a facial mask, sprinkle in 3 drops of the oils on the mask. This mask may consist of avocado, clay, egg white etc. Facial oil blends require the maximum (15 drops).

Skin Stimulation

Some people like using essential oils to rejuvenate the skin. You need to get a natural bristle bath brush and put in a couple of essential oil drops. There are many types of essential oils you can use, but rosemary is recommended. When brushing, apply it lightly. The best time to apply it is in the morning.

Essential Oils to Treat Sinusitis

Prepare a bowl of hot water. Put 6 drops of oil in it. Shut your eyes and inhale it. Keep inhaling it until the scent of the oil dissipates. Repeat the process every four hours until your breathing gets easier.

You can also use these in the humidifier. To start using essential oils this way, put in 5 to 9 drops of the oil in the humidifier. You can let this run overnight, adding essential oils three times daily. This is good for kids with flu, cold and similar ailments.

Note: some humidifiers might get damaged if you use too many essential oils. This doesn’t happen all the time, but you should know it could happen.

Essential Oils for Bath

Prepare a tub full of warm water. Sprinkle in about 10 drops of oil. Swish a bit so it gets dispersed. Others like to put in some honey as well. You can also use carrier oil. Just add in the essential oil before putting in the water.

Other Ways of Using Essential Oils

To utilize essential oils as compress, mix 4 drops of the oil in a bowl of water (warm). Swish it and apply it on a cloth. This is good for aching muscles, menstrual pain etc. Keep applying it until the warmth dissipates.

For use in a Jacuzzi, toss in three drops (this is for each individual). Add more drops every half hour. You can also apply it after taking a shower. Get a damp cloth and sprinkle 7 drops onto it. Rub on your body and let it dry.

To use as bath salts, get some Epson Salts, baking soda and salt. Add 6 drops of the essential oil. Essential oils can also be used during laundry. Add 5 drops on the clothing and place it in the dryer. You can also do the same in the washer.

Using essential oils for skin is increasing, and it’s something you can have fun experimenting with. Try different types to see which suits you best.

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