Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

Even if your family is predisposed to having heart attacks, there are ways to prevent heart disease. Aside from keeping you in good condition, these steps will help you prepare in case an attack does occur.

Take Your Medication Regularly

This cannot be stressed too much. Take the medication that the doctor prescribes at all times. Do not self medicate. Just because you feel better doesn’t mean you should reduce the pills you are taking. If your condition seems to be improving, ask your doctor if it is okay to reduce the amount you’re taking.

Don’t reduce the stuff you take to save on costs, because it might
prove more expensive down the road. This will certainly happen if
you change your daily prescription and your condition worsens.

One of the ways to prevent heart disease is to take vitamins. There are some multivitamins that can strengthen your body system, but consult your doctor before taking any of them.

Eat the Right Foods

Heart attacks are caused by fats clogging your arteries. You can prevent this by taking greasy foods out of your diet. Don’t consume the fats in the bacon and pork. Take out the skin off the chicken, and limit the amount of fried foods you eat.

High cholesterol foods like pizza, donuts, cornbread etc should be eaten in moderation. Also reduce the amount of milkshake and smoothies you drink; water and fruit juices are good substitutes.

Avoid Stressful Situations

Another proven way to prevent heart disease is to stay away from stressful situations. Try to avoid getting into heated arguments, especially if you are predisposed to high blood pressure. If there are people / situations that cause you stress, avoid it. Getting involved in a confrontation won’t help your heart.

Also look for ways to relax. This is good even for those without heart ailments. You can try Tai Chi or yoga. Others prefer to pray. One way is to just sit on a chair and relax your body.

Try to keep your mind blank. If that’s not possible, fill it with positive thoughts. Setting aside 10 to 15 minutes for relaxation will do wonders for you.

Exercise in Moderation

One of the most efficient ways to prevent heart disease is to work out. By exercising, you get to burn body fat too. Regular workouts stimulate the heart, just as pumping iron helps the muscles. Try not to overdo it though. Working out 30 minutes every day is a good way to start.

There are lots of routines you can do (sit ups, push ups, jogging etc). For the best results, avoid changing them frequently. This will allow your body to make the proper adjustments. As always, a good diet should accompany your exercise routines.

Even if you feel fine, visit your doctor regularly. By having a regular checkup, you’ll know if your cholesterol is getting high, your sugar isn’t at optimum levels etc. By relying on these ways to prevent heart disease, you’ll be better prepared physically and mentally for what could happen.

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