How to Use Fondant

Before you begin using fondant, you’ll need the following materials. Make sure the working area is clean and you have plenty of space to move around.

Required Tools and Materials

Cake board
Baked cake
Icing sugar
Butter cream icing
Rolling pin
Cake smoother
Food coloring (optional)
Poured fondant (prepared)
Sculpting fondant (prepared)
Rolled fondant


Put some icing on the cake board. Place the baked cake on it. Put some butter cream icing on the cake. This will be the base of the fondant, so the layer doesn’t need to be thick. If you’re going to use food coloring, apply it before you start kneading.

Knead the rolled fondant then use the rolling pin to roll it out. As you start using fondant, keep the confectioner’s sugar handy. Spray it on the fondant if it gets sticky.

If you used food coloring, keep kneading until the desired hue is attained. Keep rolling until it gets to ¼”. Roll it on the pin. Take the rolling pin and unroll it on the cake.

Done correctly, the fondant should cover the cake. Use the cake smoother to smooth out any rough or uneven parts. Use your hands if you don’t have a cake smoother.

If the fondant is excessive, slice it off with a knife (there are also fondant cutters available). Repeat the process if you want another fondant layer. Let it dry for a few hours.

The Poured Fondant

Using fondant of this type is just as easy. Follow the steps mentioned earlier to prepare it. The only difference is that you sprinkle a liquid on the cake. When it is poured, smooth the edges with a spatula. Allow this to dry for a few hours. It’s dried when the fondant assumes a shiny appearance.

Sculpted Fondants

These aren’t used to drape over the cake. They are applied as toppings. These usually take the form of figures, animals and other trimmings. You can add these figures on top of the rolled or poured fondant you made.

Tips for Using Fondant

It’s always a good idea to prepare more fondant that you need. When using colors, the rule is to apply just a bit. To get marbled fondant, sprinkle in the color to the rolled fondant. Start kneading when the color is partly mixed. Never wet a rolled fondant.

To create fondant from marshmallows mix a bag of marshmallows with a tbsp of water. Microwave it for half a minute. Stop and stir it. Repeat until the mixture is smooth. Remove from the microwave and add 1 lb of powdered sugar. Spray powdered sugar on a work surface. Knead the mixture there.

Make sure your hands have powdered sugar. You can add some food coloring or edible paint to this mixture. If the dough is still hard, put in the microwave to soften it up. Before kneading, you can add a tsp of vanilla for flavor.

Using fondant requires only a bit of patience. With enough practice, you’ll be able to decorate that cake like a pro.

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