How to Write a Cover Letter

Having the best resume in the world and being the most qualified guy for the job won’t ensure that you will get that job you’re applying for. Your resume won’t catch a lot of attention from potential employers if it isn’t coupled with a power packed eye catching cover letter. Sometimes, a great cover letter would spell success while a poorly written one would simply mean that your resume will just filed with the rest.

How to Write a Cover Letter

You don’t want a cover letter that’s poorly written or one that’s generic. Either way, your chances of getting hired will go out the window in both cases. What you want to do is to create a cover letter that will suit a particular employer. It should be unique in its own way, which would mean that you would have to tweak it a bit to suit a different employer or position you’re applying for.

Things to do Before You Write One

You don’t go gung ho and just write one from the top of your head or write one in a nonchalant manner. The very first thing you ought to do in the process on how to write a cover letter is to update your resume. The experience and skills you have on your resume should match what you have on your cover letter. Both should be custom tailored for each individual employer or position.

The next concern on how to write a cover letter would be to learn more about that particular company or business you want to get into. Grab information related to the job or industry that company is in. One important tip is to know the name of the manager – a.k.a. your future boss.

Writing Your Letter

Heading: This is where you would obviously start in the process on how to write a cover letter. Make sure you have the particulars of your heading in the right places. Your address should be one inch from the top of the page. The date should be four lines below the address line. Place the name of the contact, company name, and the company’s address four lines below your address.

This is where all the juicy details of your cover will go. This is the really important phase on how to write a cover letter. The body should only be about three to four contrite but really packed paragraphs. Tell the employer why you’re writing them on the first paragraph. You don’t have to tell them how you knew of the job opening, just explain what you can do. It isn’t necessary to mention that you are interested in a job they posted since it’s already obvious you are applying for that job.

Place your qualifications in the next paragraph. Make sure they match the job you’re applying for. Word things out in an enthusiastic way. Make yourself appear as an asset that will push the company forward. The final paragraph may either be a question or a positive message that leaves a lasting impression that will want your potential employer to take action.

Conclude your cover letter with a closing salutation and skip down a two to four lines and sign your name. Make sure you proof read your work before printing it. Don’t waste the effort on how to write a cover letter and end up losing out to grammar and spelling errors.

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