Ways for Teenagers to Make Money

Given the harsh economy, asking parents for more cash is inappropriate. Fortunately, there are ways for teenagers to make money.

Get a Job

There are a lot of work opportunities for teens today. You can offer to baby sit, mow the lawn or shovel the snow. You can walk the dog or take out thrash. You can also look for a job as a paperboy. Food joints are excellent places to look for work. Some hospitals might offer jobs too.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind. First you need to inform your would-be employer that you’re a student. Your schedule will depend on your class schedule.

Second, always do your best. When looking at the ways for teenagers to make money, that is the most important rule. By doing a good job, you’re bound to get another call and earn more money.

Sell Stuff Online and in School

You can sell a lot of your old clothes, toys and other stuff online. Just make sure to read all the site’s rules so no problems arise. You can also sell stuff at school. You may peddle food, drinks and other stuff. If your school doesn’t allow it, sell it to your classmates after school and don’t do it on school grounds.

Get an Online Job

Do you have a talent for writing or drawing? There are websites that will pay you to write web content articles or make illustrations. This is one of the best ways for teenagers to make money.

Because you get to work at home, you don’t have to worry about travel costs. Of course, you should read all the rules first, particularly the site’s policies about hiring teenagers.

Learn a New Skill

Teenagers can make more cash by learning new skills or using that
knowledge. Do you know how to swim? Give weekly swimming lessons to your friends or neighbors. You can also each them to play the guitar, drums etc if you have the know how. Other skills worth learning are painting and cleaning cars.

Promote Yourself

You can do this by making flyers and pasting them on phone poles. Put all the relevant info there (how much your change, your availability etc). If you do a good job, word will spread around the neighborhood soon enough.

Other Ways for Teenagers to Make Money

If you have the talent for baking, you can make good money selling them. You can also make cash by working at summer camp. If there are boats in the area, you can apply as a mate on the boat. Teens can also volunteer to do chores for their parents in exchange for money.

Saving Money

Put the money you earn in a cash box or jar. Better yet, put it in the hank. Not only will it earn interest, but it will keep you from spending it on something trivial. You should also be careful about whom you lend money to.

Even in today’s trying times, there are ways for teenagers to make money. For teenagers, it is all about being creative and resourceful.

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