How to Write a Job Transfer Letter

Do you want to let your boss know that you are interested in a newly posted position in the company? Are you interested in exploring and trying other career opportunities that the firm offers? Do you like to apply for vacant job positions in the other offices of the company? Then show your interest in the new position and send an effective job transfer request to your superiors. Discussed below are some of the tips that employees should follow if they want to know how to write a job transfer letter.

Format and Parts

A job transfer letter should follow the format of a business letter. It should have a block style as well as paragraphs should not be indented. When it comes to the parts of the letter, it should start with the date the letter was written. Aside from this, the request should include the name and position of the sender, name and position of the sender, salutation, body of the letter, enclosure and signature of the person applying for a job transfer.


Type the date at the upper left portion of the paper. Provide two spaces and write the name of the sender. Below this information, include your present job position. Double space and type the name of the receiver and the position in the company. Provide two spaces and write a salutation.

After the salutation, write the body of the job transfer letter. Start with stating the reasons for the request. It could be family-related reason or a new job was posted by the company. The second paragraph should include your skills and education background that will qualify you to the new position. In addition, this part should also highlight your present job description. To impress your superior, it is best to write the trainings you have completed and skills that you have learned to meet the requirements for your present position. In the third paragraph, write that you are willing to provide trainings for the employee who will replace your present position in case the request has been granted. Finally, do not forget to state that you are interested in undergoing trainings that can help you meet the requirements for the newly posted position.

After the body provide two spaces and write an enclosure such as ‘respectfully yours’ or ‘sincerely yours.’ Provide enough space for your signature. Below the signature, indicate your full name and present position in the company. If the letter has multiple recipients, do not forget to write carbon copy recipients at the lower left portion of the job transfer request.

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