How to Write a Movie Review

Movies have been the number one choice in entertainment for many people for many years. In previous years, you might have found that it would have been expensive to become an effective movie-reviewer, since that meant having to go into the theatre physically. That is definitely not the case today, since anyone can access thousands of movies online simply by utilising popular streaming websites. This is a most cost effective way of catching up on the latest blockbusters and you will be able to access a wide range of legal films. Now that you know where to access them, here are some tips on how you can become an effective movie-reviewer.


  1. Firstly, it is important that you get familiar with the context of the movie you have chosen for review. It helps to do a little research before you even begin to watch the movie so that you can get familiar with the director’s as well as the actors’ style and methods. In addition, research will help you to determine the type of movie you are about to enjoy…is it a remake? Is it based on actual events? This ensures that you have a better understanding of the movie, so that you will be better able to grasp what’s going on once you begin to watch.
  2. Come up with a specific opinion (in one sentence, maybe) about the movie. Essentially, when you decide to do movie reviews, you will have to ultimately decide whether it is a good or bad film. Before you can decide whether it’s thumbs up or thumbs down, however, you will need to formulate a specific reason to drive your movie review.
  3. Grab the reader’s attention. The best way to do this is to start with a good lead that will make the reader want to read further. For example, you could start your movie review with a quote from the film or with a comparison with other like movies.
  4. Give a brief synopsis of the movie but be careful you don’t give away anything that may spoil the movie for the reader if he/she has not yet watched it. After this brief synopsis, you can get into the main points of your review, making sure you support your opinions with specifics. Remember to be interesting! A movie review does not have to be boring by any means. Engage the reader’s attention by using specific adjectives and using analogy, but also remember to be concise.
  5. Finally, be honest in your opinions about the movie. Regardless of your personal feelings towards the actors, the director or the actresses, ensure the movie itself gets an honest review and be sure to have some standards in mind. For example, a comedy ought to be funny! Your reader will appreciate it.

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