How to Write a Resume

What Makes Resume Writing Difficult

Everyone has wondered how to write a resume at one point in their lives. Writing one becomes quite intimidating to some. The difficulty lies in not knowing what information to include, which ones to highlight, and what items in your resume should you de-emphasize.

Hiring managers and human resource professionals get to read hundreds of resumes for various positions during their career. On average, a member of an HR staff will go over your resume for only about ten to 30 seconds. This means that if you organized your information incorrectly, you might not catch their attention and hold your resume in their hands a bit longer.

How to Write a Resume on Your Own

You have the option to hire someone to write your resume for you. There are also resume writing services that you can tap to get a masterfully written resume. Another option, and the cheapest one to boot, is to write one yourself. The following are our tips and a useful step by step basic guide to writing your own resume.

Gather Information and Take Notes

This is where you start when writing your resume. Write down all the work experience you can remember. If you have employment certificates they may provide you with clues as to when you started working for a particular company and when you stopped working for them. Make sure to jot down your job title, company information, and your responsibilities for that specific job.

The next step on how to write a resume would be to take notes on specific items on your education. Make sure to include information on your degree, majors, certificates, and your course’s emphasis. Of course, write down the name of the school and other information.

Another set of information you should take note of are other accomplishments you’ve made. Write down what organizations you’re in, any humanitarian or volunteer services you have performed, and other special accomplishments.

Highlighting the Relevant Information

After getting all that information, your next step on how to write a resume will be to filter all the information you’ve got on paper. Take only the ones that are relevant to the job you’re applying for. Find skills in your skill set that is similar to and are relative to your job objective. These are the only pieces of information you should consider putting in your resume.

Begin Writing

This is your next step on how to write a resume on your own. Begin on the top with your name, address, and phone numbers, email, and other contact information. Write down an objective that describes the type of work you wish to get.

The next section of your resume is for your work experience. Begin with your latest employment going back to the earliest ones. Make sure to mention skills and responsibilities that are relative to the position you hope to get. Next, put down information about your education highlighting significant training and accomplishments.

Some Reminders

Make sure to mention any computer related knowledge, spoken languages, and other relevant information in your ‘Additional Skills’ section. End your resume with your references or put that information available upon request. Your resume should only be about one to two pages long. The steps on how to write a resume are easy enough for anyone. Just remember to highlight significant information to catch a potential employer’s attention.

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