Information about SSID

SSIDs (service set identifiers) are a type of wireless network Internet connection. The rise of wireless Internet is leading more individuals to host wireless signals. These wireless Web access points can produce signals up to 120 ft. This means users in neighborhoods and buildings will see several networks.

Basic Facts about SSID

SSIDs are available in various types. The most basic is an ASCII set of characters that is only for that wireless router. The typical identifier is the MAC (Media Access Control) address of the router.

A MAC address is a code that can be set to a network or Internet gateway. For example, a router and modem assigned by a Web service provider have distinct MAC addresses.

Most routers today support enhanced SSID. This permits a name to be placed on the network. This means a person at a place with free wireless Web access can reach the network by name instead of using the code.

Function of SSID

SSIDs are usually designated at the setup configuration of the wireless access point (WAP) or router. Many WAPs have functions that may be used during the installation. Users can name the access points as they see fit. To make usage easier, a unique name is often assigned (i.e., name of the business or person).

Other Facts about SSID

It must be stated just because an SSID is broadcast to a user does not imply the individual can hook up to the network. A computer wireless program may locate various multiple networks nearby.

However, odds are the owner will have set up security features to limit access. This measure is to protect people from “wireless poachers”. That is, individuals who steal other people’s Web connection. Data on the network can also be protected by using passwords.

Many WAP and router manufacturers now implement a feature that permits users to disable the SSID broadcast. This can be an adequate security tool that can keep wireless poachers at bay. It should be noted though, that this does not prevent the signal from going around.

Hackers with advanced knowledge may be able to breach it. For this reason, disabling SSID broadcast should only be one part of the whole security measure. Other measures have to be taken to protect the data.

As the facts about SSID shows, the network has become increasingly important as the Web evolves. Improvements in the security features are also making it more secure against poaching.

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