Iron Supplements

Taking a multivitamin that has iron as well as maintaining a diet that is rich in iron, will be effective in preventing iron deficiency anemia. However if the anemia has already evolved, then you have to consult with a doctor on the best method to deal with that development. If you are advised by your doctor that you are iron deficient or have developed anemia, it is highly likely that the use of iron supplements will be recommended. There are some persons that will obtain enough iron from their diet, while others will have to take additional supplements. There are two kinds of dietary iron Nonheme and Heme, the latter is better absorbed. A diet lacking in iron can be enhanced by the addition of these iron rich foods. Some foods that are rich in iron include dark red meat, chicken and cereal. Iron supplements are common and can normally be purchased  without a prescription. They can be easily obtained at supermarkets or drug stores.

Forms of Iron Supplements

Generally there are two kinds of iron supplements and they have either the ferric or the ferrous iron form. The ferrous type is the iron supplement that is best absorbed by the body and most of the commonly accessible iron tablets contain this form. Ferrous sulfate, ferrous gluconate and ferrous fumarate are the three popularly identified kinds of ferrous iron supplements. Regardless of the fact that the tablets come in 325 mg pill size, singularly they have a different amount of the type of iron used in the body. This type is called elemental iron. So when you are purchasing iron supplements try to ascertain the amount of elemental iron in a single tablet rather than its size.

Doses of Supplements

A dosage of 60 to 200 mg of elemental iron per day is needed for adults. This is also based on how severe the case of anemia may be. It is recommended that persons(who are not with child) take 50 to 60 mg of oral elemental iron contained in a single 325 mg tablet of ferrous sulfate. This should be done two times per day over a three month period to treat iron deficiency anemia. Nonetheless the amount of iron you need individually will be recommended by your doctor.

The formats which iron supplements take are capsules or common tablets, drops, liquid or tablets and capsules that are extended or coated. Even though cost for the common or regular tablets is usually lower than the others, they are also the best absorbed. There are some people for example, who have difficulty swallowing pills and they might want to make use of the drop or liquid form of iron supplements. This is also the better option for children. Iron obtained from the coated tablets or capsules tend to have the least side effects but they are not as easily absorbed and therefore not generally recommended. So when iron supplements are recommended by a doctor the kind of iron and tablet as well the cost will have to be assessed.

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