Low Calorie Snacks

The predominant perception that snacking is always bad is actually an incorrect one. Snacking can be beneficial when it is healthy and controlled. In fact incorporating two low calorie snacks in a diet of three healthy meals per day may actually help with weight loss. This is because eating every three hours helps to maintain high metabolism and, by extension, weight loss. Additionally adding these low calorie snacks to one’s diet reduces the likelihood to overeat during regular meals.

Examples of Low Calorie Snacks

Here are some ideas for low calorie snacks:

Chocolate covered strawberries can be a delicious snack with a small amount of calories. Dark chocolate should be used in this snack because of its rich antioxidant properties. This snack is easily prepared since it merely requires one to melt an ounce of dark chocolate in a bowl and dip the strawberries in. This tasty treat comes with 150 calories.

Apples and peanut butter is a snack that carries only 150 calories. This snack uses one tbsp. of peanut butter and one mid-sized apple. The benefits derived from this snack include the protein and good mono-saturated fats of the peanut butter as well as the fiber in the apple.

You can also purchase low calorie snacks at the grocery store such as 100 Calorie Sun Chips. This is great news for chip lovers. This snack tastes great and carries only one hundred calories. Additionally their size makes them convenient to carry around.

Vegetables and dip is an excellent idea for a snack when one is desirous of limiting calories. The dip can be created by mixing one pack of instant vegetable soup mix with one cup of low fat plain yogurt. Sweet pepper strips, broccoli or celery may then be dipped in making this a delicious and healthy snack. This snack has 150 calories.

Many dieters will be surprised to discover that popcorn can be a healthy snack. A little spoon of organic melted butter may be added to a low-fat mini bag of popcorn for a low calorie snack that has no trans fat and that provides five grams of fiber in each serving. This snack has only 150 calories.

A healthy tuna sandwich that carries only 150 calories can be created by substituting a low-calorie dressing for mayonnaise. Use tuna packed in water. To add extra fiber, substitute a whole wheat pita pocket for the traditional bread.

Quick & Easy Low Calorie Snacks

A can of low sodium V-8 100% vegetable juice has 30 calories, one gram of protein, no fat, seven grams of carbohydrates, one gram of dietary fiber, and 80mg of sodium.

Whole Natural Almonds carry 80 calories, one and half grams of dietary fiber, five grams of saturated fat, seven grams of total fat and three grams of protein.

One small box of raisins carries 130 calories, zero grams total fat, one gram of protein, 31 grams of carbohydrates and two grams dietary fiber.

Fruit may be sliced and packed in plastic mini-bags, or eaten whole for an excellent low calorie snack Most fruit can be snacks, including apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, among others.

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