Free Flyer Templates

What are Flyer Templates?

Flyer templates are used as a convenient way to advertise a variety of things. The layout is created by designers, which cuts down the time the user spends to come up with a design concept. You need only enter the information in the allotted areas and make small changes to the layout where necessary.

Advantages of using Free Flyer Templates

  • It is easy to use and will save time and effort.
  • A great deal of money can be saved using free flyer templates that are suitable for most forms of advertising.
  • A wide variety of designs can be accessed online.
  • They are free, so all you need to think about is the printing cost.
  • Just about anything can be advertised using any of the prefabricated designs. Simply choose your pictures, wording and graphics and the flyer is ready for printing.
  • You can choose from a number of categories that relate to your advertising needs.

Where can I find Free Flyer Templates online?

There are many sources on the web for free flyer templates. To find the best templates you should search a number of websites that offer these layouts. A few of the best sources are listed below.

Microsoft Office Online provides a generous selection of templates including flyers. There are descriptions of each template and recommendations on how and where they may be used. There are several sub-categories to make browsing easier including: announcements, advertisements, banners, real estate flyers among other things. All flyers are compatible with Microsoft office suite applications. offers a selection of free flyer templates that can be directly downloaded from the website. The templates are sub-divided into categories to make browsing easier.

Freetemplatesdepot is another great source for finding templates online. There are a number of flyer templates to choose from, most of which are rated by users. provides an appreciable selection of flyer templates. All the layouts are available for free downloads. To access the flyers simply click on the download links and save the zip file which will contain the flyer you have chosen. Changes can be made using MS Publisher or MS word. For additional ease, all flyer templates come with instructions on how to make alterations to the layout.

Flyertemplatesonline has a few links to free flyer templates. In addition, there are tips on the website that will help you create your own flyers or customize any of the templates you download.

Useful tips for customizing your flyer template

There are few things you should consider before and during the creation of your flyer.

Have all information clearly planned. Information should be presented in a way that is succinct and direct. Use as few words as possible to get the information across. Be sure to include a title, contact details, facts, features and other important details.

Select a design that looks attractive but that will allow all the information to be read easily. Do not rely solely on graphics as the target market should understand what it is you are advertising without having to guess from a few pretty pictures.

Use colors that contrast well with each other. This means the writing and the background colours should be distinct from each other. Additionally put the information in strategic positions that make the wording seem more prominent.

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