How to Build a Motor Bike Trailer

A motor bike trailer is a ramp, covered or uncovered. It is built with the intention of transporting your motor bike on long or even short journeys. Instead of just throwing the motor bike into the back of a pick up and call it day, a motor bike trailer is the way to go. Building your own motor bike trailer is a fairly easy task, the materials are relatively easy to acquire and the do-it-yourself aspect to the project will provide increased knowledge and appreciation for the finished product. When building a motor bike trailer, take into consideration the size and brand of the motor bike. For sports bikes can use smaller trailers but for larger bikes it is important that you build with these measurements in mind. Also consider the weather to be faced on the journey, how it will affect the motor bike if exposed. There is the option to put a cover on your trailer. While it is a great idea, it gives you more to carry and you may want to reconsider before making the decision to build a covered motor bike trailer.

Instructions for how to build an uncovered motor bike trailer.

The uncovered motor bike trailer should be small enough to use just two wheels, located in its center, these trailers are usually able to carry at most two motor bikes with the other types of materials used. For an uncovered trailer you should measure the size of your motor bike for the length and make the width at least 5 ft.


  • 2 wheels with axle
  • pressed steel
  • rolled steel
  • welding plant
  • Protective gear (industrial gloves, welding mask)


  1. Purchase two small wheels that come complete with the axle (metal rod attaching both wheels together), rims and tires. If you feel more secure you may do this at a mechanics shop where everything can be checked before you walk through the door with your product.
  2. Based on the length and width of your motor bike trailer you will need specific amounts of pressed and rolled steel. Pressed steel may be needed to frame your trailer while the rolled steel is designed to carry weight.
  3. Using your welding plant you will need to cut your metal to the sizes predetermined by yourself.
  4. Prime and paint the steel to prevent rusting.
  5. Make the frame first with the pressed steel and then add three strips of pressed steel to the body of your trailer, one at both extremities and the other in the center.
  6. Add the sheets of rolled steel over the pressed steel.
  7. Remember to add an attachment point on top of the trailer for the bikes to be properly attached.
  8. Test the finished product by mounting your motor bike for at least a week. If the steel bends or is not strong enough to hold the bike, more rolled steel will have to be added. This time you may want to make the entire body rolled steel.
  9. You may purchase accessories for attachment to your vehicle.

If you have decided to make a covered motor bike trailer then a ready made cover can be bought from a junk yard or ask your mechanic to make a cover for you. Follow the previous procedure on how to build an uncovered trailer to make your frame and body of your trailer. Having a covered trailer will allow you to add more steel to your base. If the trailer is large, consider using four wheels instead of two. Bolt the cover to the body, make the vehicle to trailer attachments and your covered trailer is ready for the road.

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