Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Many people have anxiety symptoms and anti-anxiety medicines form a part of their daily life. These medicines however, normally induce dependency and people using them become dependent on them, due to consistent use. An additional shortcoming of anti-anxiety medicine is that they  deal mostly, with the symptoms of anxiety and do not really tackle the essence or cause of the anxiety itself. Individuals who have identified this problem may very well want to try alternatives such as natural remedies for anxiety.

Natural Remedies to Fight Anxiety

Consider the following simple natural remedies to combat anxiety.

reducing caffeine intake: If you experience a great degree of anxiety, then, stop the intake of, or significantly lower the indulgence of caffeine. When taken in large doses, caffeine may evoke anxiety even in persons who had no former problems in this regard.

regular exercise routine and eating healthy: Foods high in sugar, lack of proper nutrition and exercise may also set off anxiety.

including omega-3: A number of studies around the world, show that omega-3 can assist in lowering depression and anxiety. It also helps to keep  the person’s moods, more stable. Fish oil has a large amount of omega-3, and is an important fatty acid. If your diet is lacking in fish, then you can opt for cod liver oil or fish oil supplements to be certain that you receive the correct amount of omega-3 on a daily basis. Omega-3 is also found in flax seed, in case you require a supplement that is not fish-based.

vitamin B deficiency: Anxiety may be as a result of Vitamin B deficiency in the body. This vitamin also assists the body in dealing with stress. If you want more vitamin B in your diet, then eat more leafy green vegetables or consult with your doctor for supplements.

Magnesium deficiency: If the body is lacking in Magnesium, then, that may also induce anxiety. Stress may also cause a reduction of Magnesium in the body. Magnesium does not form  a part of most people’s diets. So, try to incorporate some in your diet to help combat anxiety.

learning to relax: Another very good  natural remedy for anxiety involves techniques of relaxation. Most people suffer from anxiety because of their failure to relax. Tensions brought on by a hectic work schedule, and other areas of everyday life, leave people tense. It is argued that meditation and yoga are the most effective means of dealing with anxiety. The best thing about this natural method is that it comes with no side effects. You can simply sign up to do yoga classes or purchase the DVDs and start doing it at home.

including herbs: Skullcap, a herb, can be used to help calm and sooth the nerves. It belongs to the mint family and has long been used as  a medicinal herb by native Americans. Lemon balm is another herb belonging to the mint family which is thought to produce a calming effect and eliminate depression. It is regarded as a good source to alleviate anxiety.

Keep the above mentioned natural remedies in mind while trying to tackle anxiety. Unlike anti-anxiety medicines, these natural remedies will surely not produce any adverse effects. So, they are safe methods one can employ to combat anxiety and depression.

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