Power Window Repair

Faulty power windows can be an unwanted nuisance. You may simply take your vehicle to the auto repair shop but for the adventurers at heart your power window repair is a project that will take you 4 hours at maximum. Dedicate an afternoon to this project as it will be an investment in your automotive knowledge.


  • Screw driver
  • Pry tool
  • Volt meter


Before you start your power window repair it is important to diagnose the problem. If the motor is running when the switch is used or if the glass is loose, you most likely have a regulator problem.

If nothing is heard and the glass does not move when using the switch, the problem is due to a faulty switch.

If relays are activated when the switch is pressed and the windows come down, but do not or have a hard time going back up your problem may be due to a faulty motor or regulator.

  1. Remove the door panel. The screws holding up the door panel are usually located in the door handle and in other hidden locations.
  2. Pry the door panel from the door using a pry tool and remove the door handle and electrical connections for the window and door lock.
  3. Connect voltmeter to the plug running from the electrical connections to where the switch would have been connected. If when turned on the voltmeter gives a reading of +12 V then the motor is in good condition and the problem may be due to a faulty regulator.
  4. If no reading is obtained from your switch then apply 12 V to the motor side of your plug to activate it. This means that your switch is faulty.
  5. If both the switch and motor are fine then the problem could be the regulator.
  6. Remove the regulator from the door by removing the rivets. If the regulator is attached to the motor, separate them. Check your regulator for broken pieces.
  7. If there is no problem with the regulator, switch or motor then the problem is not electrical but instead mechanical.
  8. Whether the problem is with your switch, regulator or motor, the probability that you will need new parts is high.
  9. When you do determine the problem you may want to take the faulty part to an auto repair shop for them to fit and replace the broken, faulty or missing part.
  10. If the problem is mechanical then the window will have to be removed. Loosen the bolts attaching the window to the regulator.
  11. Check your window channels once the window has been removed. In an older car the channels may be worn and unlubricated. Lubricate with a silicone spray.
  12. Replace window and test to see if the lubricant worked. If it did then replace your electrical connections and door panel.
  13. The most difficult part of repairing your power window is diagnosing the problem. Once you diagnose the problem, fixing it is just a matter of replacing the part/s or by lubricating the channels. If you are unsure as to how to proceed with your power window repair, you may visit your local automotive repair shop. The problem should be a relatively cheap fix.

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