Repairing Wet iPods

It is a common to find your iPods with liquid split on them. This may be due to some carelessness and sometimes small accidents like throwing them in a washer accidentally or throwing them in a swimming pool at the end of a party. One needn’t worry too much with the wet iPods. Wet iPods can work again. Just follow the following simple steps.

When an iPod gets wet there are certain things which one must do in order to minimize the damage to the iPod. The first thing which one has to do when an iPod gets wet is to turn it off, if it is turned on. In general, damage occurs when electricity flows through wet components. IPods are so ruggedly built such that there is very less space for any water to get collected. In case if water is spilt on your iPod, turn off the power immediately and clean the surface before it penetrates into your device.

When the iPod has been turned off, one can prevent the immediate danger. Then the drying process is started and one must allow the device to dry at least for 24 hours. In case if the device gets wet in the rain for short time drying it for a couple of hours would save it. In case if the device is completely soaked, then one must dry it at least for a day before turning on the iPod. If the iPod works partially then there are three ways of making it to work again which includes, exchanging the iPod or repairing it by giving it to Apple, to repair on your own or give it to a specialist who is an expert in fixing iPods that have been damaged by water.

Every iPod comes with a warranty and there are few people who prefer additional agreement to cope up with unexpected damages. But one must be aware that this warranty does not cover the damage by water and if one buys an extended warranty it is necessary to check if the warranty covers damages from water. If the warranty covers water damage, you are lucky. Else you are in a big trouble. There are few sneaky iPod owners who wait till their unit becomes completely dry and once it gets dry they return it to the Apple store demanding a replacement or repairing the iPod free of cost. However, this technique may not work always as there would be technicians who can easily find damages caused to the iPod was by water.

Repair Your Water-Damaged iPod on Your Own

As the warranty does not cover water damage it is necessary to fix the damage by opening the iPod and then dry it out completely. In order to completely dry out the iPod one can follow the rice method. Though, this method does not guarantee a hundred percent success, it is worth trying.

The Rice Method

In this method, the iPod is taken apart, which means opening it up. Then the battery is removed. The parts are then wiped gently with a cotton swab and alcohol .After separating all the parts it is carefully kept in a plastic bag along with dry and uncooked rice. These items are left for about 24 to 48 hours. It is also a good idea to keep the bag in a dry and warm environment. After the time has elapsed, one may assemble the iPod and try if it works.

Send It to a Specialist Who Fixes Water-Damaged iPods

If one doesn’t prefer to go to apple for fixing the iPod or if the rice method does not work then one could give their iPods to specialists who would effectively repair iPods damaged by water. There are two specialists who specialize in repairing your iPods and they are and The success parameter depends on the intensity of damage of the iPod. If the iPod is fixed, then the effort is worth the money you have spent for the repair.

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