Ways to Cook Tofu

Although it is just a simple ingredient, tofu can be turned into different kinds of great-tasting and irresistible dishes. Furthermore, there are various ways to prepare this simple but versatile ingredient. You can easily turn it into a soup. Likewise, you can also serve it deep-fried or steamed in order to bring out its unique and pleasant flavor. To experience the tender texture, pleasant taste and goodness of this all-important ingredient, you need to learn the different ways to cook tofu.


Steamed Tofu

If you want steamed tofu, prepare a nice clean steamer. Put at least four pieces of uncut tofu inside. Cook them for at least 10 minutes. While steaming the tofu, prepare the special sauce. Get a bowl and then combine two pieces of chopped green chilies, ½-teaspoon of sesame seeds and a piece of chopped green onion. Likewise, apply a few drizzles of sesame oil as well as 2-tablespoons of soy sauce. After steaming the tofu, place them on top of a serving plate. Cut each tofu into cubes. Pour the special soy sauce mix over the dish and then serve.

Deep-Fried Tofu

For those who want deep-fried tofu, you need to find pieces of tofu that are firm. This can be served as an appetizer or snack, depending on the occasion. To do this, get 2-pieces of cloves garlic and then peel and minced them. Add ¼-teaspoon of salt as well as half-cup water. Use the mixture to marinate at least four pieces of tofu for about 30 minutes. Get a frying pan and then set it on top of a medium-heat stove.

Pour in 3-cups of vegetable oil. The oil should be enough to cover the tofu while frying. Once the oil is hot, put the tofu in and then cook until golden brown. Serve to guests and enjoy.

Tofu Soup

Aside from deep-fried tofu and steamed tofu, you can also make this ingredient part of a soup. If you want to make this one, prepare the ingredients first including one cup of chicken stock, four pieces of tofu and ¼-teaspoon salt. Likewise, bring in ¼-teaspoon pepper as well as a stalk of spinach. Cut the tofu into medium-sized cubes. Put the pan on top of a medium-heat stove. Heat the stock and then add the rest of the ingredients. Wait until the dish boils and then simmer for at least 5 minutes more. Serve and enjoy.

Additional Tips and Other Interesting Information

There are numerous ways to prepare tofu. Some of the most popular include tofu noodle soup, stir-fry tofu as well as tofu burger. In order to bring out the delightful and pleasant taste of this ingredient, all you have to do is learn these different simple but delicious recipes.

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