Ways to Make Money

The tough economic conditions means knowing the ways to make money has become more important than ever before. Here are some suggestions.


Recycling companies will pay money for recyclable material sent to them. Don’t throw away those soda bottles, steel, aluminum and other metals. A bottle or two is worth a few cents.

However if you are able to sell a bunch, this can translate into a handful of dollars. You can get these scraps in junkyards. Very likely you have quite a few of these in your house, so sell it.

Put Money in the Bank

The financial crisis has not helped the reputation of banks. However the large and reputable banks still remains one of the best ways to make money. Putting money in a savings account or time deposit means your money will grow while you do nothing. Interest rates vary so shop around. Needless to say, you also need to check the bank’s financial status.

Sell Stuff

A lot of that old stuff in your house can be sold. Gather those old vinyl and CDs and sell them on the Net. If they’re in good condition, music collectors will pay good money for it. You might also consider selling those old comic books too. Go to an online store and get an idea of how much they’re worth.

Other items that you can sell are old toys, clothes, bags etc. Don’t sell them at the original price; if you can sell it at half the price, that’s a good deal. When looking for ways to make money, you don’t have to limit yourself to online stores. You can sell your stuff to friends or colleagues. You can also hold a yard sale.

Use Your Talent and Skills

Put your skills to work for you. Sell cookies, cakes and sweets if you have a knack for baking. If you know how to swim or play the guitar, you can be a part time teacher.

Kids often set up lemonade stands as a way to earn cash. There’s no reason you can’t do the same thing. If lemonade isn’t your thing, sell other foodstuffs. Just be sure to pick a spot people go to.

Other Ways to Make Money

The Internet is a good place to earn a few extra bucks. You can work part time as a Web content writer. Other sites will pay you by filling out surveys, clicking on links and other services. However you need to look at the rules and guidelines.

Be wary of online scams and hoaxes. Go to online forums about making online. This will allow you to get feedback on Web moneymaking opportunities. Taking on odd jobs is another way to earn extra cash.

Carpentry work or repair jobs are good choices. Gardening is another option. You’ll need to invest some time here. But once your fruits or vegetables grow, you can sell them for a profit.

These are just some of the ways to make money. If you find yourself needing a few dollars, consider the options given above.

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