Hangover Remedy

What is a Hangover?

Hangovers are usually due to the excessive use or abuse of alcohol. Alcohol has the ability to rid the body of its fluids, and the consistent expulsion of body fluids will result in dehydration and loss of salts such as magnesium and potassium. A hangover is usually experienced within less than 12 hours after consumption and is able to persist for several days. It is often associated with headaches, dizziness, nausea, sensitivity to noise and light, and diarrhea among others.

Hangover Remedies

  • Consumption of energy drinks: Energy drinks such as Gatorade are expected to replenish, revitalize and rehydrate the body. This is a popular hangover remedy in cases where the body is weak or unable to perform its normal tasks.
  • Hair of the dog: This hangover remedy refers to the consumption of more alcohol. It is believed that the alcohol will release ethanol that will block the breakdown of methanol. This practice may however cause future damage to the liver and stomach since it puts a strain on those organs.
  • Bacon and eggs: This hangover remedy is said to be effective since bacon is expected to boost amino production which helps to clear the head. Eggs are said to contain Cysteine, which provides amino acids for the body.
  • Water:  Water is believed to be the most essential hangover remedy as it is able to replace lost moisture as well as revitalize the body.
  • Consumption of Pyritinol (Vitamin B6): Studies have proved this hangover remedy to be effective. Large doses of Vitamin B, significantly more than the required daily intake, will help to reduce hangovers.
  • Bananas:  Bananas are high in Potassium and therefore are seen as a hangover remedy; one of the causes of hangover is due to the loss of potassium from the body.
  • Salt Water: Drinking salt water is seen as a way to replenish the body with salts that were lost. This remedy is one of the fastest ways to rehydrate the body.

Recommendations for Hangover Prevention

  • It is not difficult to avoid hangovers. There are simple practices or procedures that can be followed.
  • Ensure that you have eaten something substantial before you decide to have a drink.
  • Each time you drink ensure that you replenish the body with the salts that it loses. In most cases salted nuts, potato chips and pretzels can be used as salt replenishment.
  • Avoid mixing dark liquor with light liquor, this is basically saying if you are drinking vodka stick to vodka based liquor, avoid dark liquors such as brandy. The mixture of light and dark alcohol speeds up the momentum at which the body loses its fluid.
  • Maintain an average intake amount for the time you are drinking. If you decide to drink an entire bottle of vodka, do not drink it all at once: pour a reasonable amount of about seven (7) ounces into a cup and take a sip at time intervals you would be able to maintain. For example, take no more than three (3) sips within a five (5) minute period.

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