What is Six Sigma?

For the success of any business it is essential to eliminate inefficiency. The objective of ‘six sigma’ is to eliminate the inefficiency in one’s business. Indeed, the ‘six sigma’ has been proved to be successful in helping business attain success. Way back in 1980, the Motorola Company came up with the idea which was named the ‘six sigma’. There is no doubt that it helped the company achieve huge success. Following the success of Motorola, small scale companies have adopted this strategy to develop their company into a large scale company.

There are several objective of the ‘six sigma’. It aims to deliver high performance with more efficient, reliability and add value to the customer. This is considered as one of the good strategy that has been followed all around the world.  This technique was developed by Bill Smith. The actual reason for introducing this technique is to improve or enhance the overall quality of the work there by increasing the efficiency and to eliminate the defects that are present in the system and this system or the technique, was found to work better and improved the overall performance of the company and then the quality of the company.

They aimed to improve the quality of the company in different ways such as to improve the communication of with the customers, share holders, employees, and to improve the overall process of the communication, interaction, and the product design. This technique is owned by the Motorola and they have the registered trade mark. This is the method that has helped to a great extent for the company to save as much as the 17 billion dollars which is really great news for the company.

The six type of the sigma methodology that is involved.

There are two key methodologies that are involved in the ‘six sigma’. They are DMADV and DMAIC. They are very useful for producing the high quality product.


When you look at this there are five main processes that are included in them are-

  1. You need to have a clear set of goals that you need to achieve.
  2. You need to have a clear track of the path that you are following and you need to be in a position to tell about the status of the path or the company or the progress of the company. This is very essential because after this only you will be able to compare the progress of your company in future.
  3. It is essential that you know about the relationship that you maintain with the customer. For once you do so, you will be able to understand the demands of the customers.
  4. It is essential that you need to constantly improve your process. You need to constantly analyze the progress of the company and you need to be in a position to experiment different things.
  5. Control is one of the important things that you need to have over the company. If you do not have it then you are likely to fail in achieving the progress.


These are five important steps that you need to follow

  1. You need to have the goal that should be in line with the business strategy that you frame and the demands that the consumers have.
  2. You need to have a record of many things for instance capability of a product, critical to qualities which are called as the CTOs, capabilities producing a product, and any of the risk factors that are present in your business.
  3. You need to analyze carefully and you need to prepare the design and then choose the one that will suit you the best.
  4. Designing the product alone is not sufficient, you need to gather a lot of information. You need to be in a position to review the design as and when required if the existing design has become out of fashion or if the people do not like the design. For this it is essential that you should always have a back plan.
  5. You need to verify all the designs that you have made which are one of the essential things that you need to do.

Implementations of roles

You need to be capable to lead and to take important decisions for the sake of the company. Here are the common roles for which you need to prepare although they will differ from company to company.

Executive leadership

They are the head of the company who has a very big task in the hands for the improvement of the company. It is he who has to take the responsibility and make the others  take the initiative for following the six sigma role.


They are considered as top level of the organization that needs to take the responsibility and ensure that other people in the company are working to implement the six sigma technique for the improvement and the betterment of the company.

Master black belts

They are usually chosen by the persons in the champions in order to teach the other people in the organization so that everyone is aware about the system that is in place for them. Only when the people know about the technique that is going to be implemented people will be able to do them better otherwise they will not know what they need to do.


They are not assigned in all the sectors but they play a main role in the manufacturing sectors that play a lead role in developing the products, services and other features of the company.

Black belts

These people under this category are middle aged persons whose main duty is to focus on the six sigma prospects.

Green belts

Those employees will generally fall under this category that will generally face or take many responsibilities.

Some of the disadvantages of the six sigma technique-

In most case its cons have outweighed the pros. It has been beneficial for many people and has developed them to grow. For executing them you need to have the employers in the entire department, however, some people are not interested with this six sigma system in place. There is no system to measure the efficiency of this system so you will not be able to know whether the system is actually working or not. Yet, the system has been useful and effective for many people.

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