Card Making Ideas

Card making ideas are wide and varied and can range from conservative to contemporary, to eccentric. Ideally, card making should embody creativity, originality and authenticity.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. The card paper can be decorated with dried, pressed flowers. The flowers must be dry but at the same time retain some of their color and life in order to create a lively, natural and realistic decoration.
  2. You can create a card that contains little boxes of encouraging words or phrases by attaching phrase stickers arranged like grids. The card can be enhanced further with a flower or any other decoration.
  3. A card does not have to be all words – it can be personalized with visible, tangible items. An unconventional card can be created by cutting out square-shaped plastics and attaching the squares to the card into which items can be placed. The card then becomes a space that holds personal and meaningful items (for example, heart shapes, a small portrait photo etc).
  4. One can use left-over pieces of cartridge (or heavy stock paper) to create layers on the main card. The paper can be used to create shapes of whatever designs or patterns you desire. This can create a 3D effect.
  5. Use  everyday items for card making ideas. For example, one can use small safety pins to create a flower shape to attach to the card. The pins can further be accentuated with beads, and in order to conceal the glue that holds down the pins, one can also attach a button atop the pins as a center piece.
  6. A ‘movable’ card making idea is to use wires to attach elements unto a card. One can create a design, a picture of an animal, flower or an object and use wires to wrap around or attach the element so that it can move and become lifelike.
  7. Another personalized card making idea is to sew by hand pieces of ribbons in the shape of a flower. It can be further decorated with beads or machine-stitched lines.
  8. Just like the aforementioned stickers, one can use square patterns of various colors to decorate a card. One can glue complementary patterns to the colored square-shaped pattern to create a unique  card.
  9. A card can be treated like a collage. Particular designs or words can be cut out and attached. You can use ink to trace over the edges for a sharp look.
  10. Another fun card making idea is to use stamps. Stamps can be used to create beautiful flower designs. The card can be parted in two diagonally. At the bottom half, it can be punched with holes and at the top, the stamps can be placed in their particular design. One can tie a bow around the card to top off this idea with a sophisticated look.

Overall, when creativity and originality is inspired, some of the best card making ideas come to life.

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