How to Make a Bow and Arrow

If you want to make a bow and arrow, you need to do some planning too. As important as the actual building is the research.

Required Tools and Materials


Examine the Real Thing

Go to shops and look at them. If possible, touch it so you get an idea of the texture. Look at the different designs. Some are simple, others are ornate. Keep note of the design you want included in your piece. The wood type you choose is also important. If you want them to last, get high quality types. Aside from shops take a look at books.

If you are going to make a bow and arrow, the size is also critical. Lift the real thing. You should make one that you are comfortable with.

Notes on Designing

Make a sketch. The arrows can be any style you like but the basic shape should remain. You can make engravings of any kind on the bow, but the basic structure must not be changed. Get the measurements now. This is needed to get the proportions right for all the pieces.

Create the Bow

When you get the right wood type, it is time to prepare it. Cut of any twigs. Use sandpaper to make it smooth. It’s important that you make it bendable but it doesn’t break. Be careful when you shape it. When you make a bow and arrow, set an indentation on the wood. This is for the bowstring.

Now take the bowstring. Slice it to the right size. Make sure that you set it to the correct size so that the tension is right.

Create the Arrows

Cut a piece of wood. Make sure that it’s a light stick but straight. Fasten an arrowhead to it. To make an arrowhead, just cut a wood and shape it like a triangle. Make a hole in the back as it’s needed by the string. Also make three holes in the shaft. Now put a fletching there. If you want your arrow straight and true, make the shaft straight.


Here are a few things to remember when you make a bow and arrow.

Cut the string so it is smaller than the bow wood. This makes for a more powerful curve. Consequently it gives the arrow force.

Be certain that the structure is secure. If the knots are loose, it can break. If you pull and it snaps, you could get hurt.

They say that practice makes perfect. It’s very true in this regard. Start by selecting easy targets. Just cut a wood board and paint it in different hues. Aim for the outer colors first. Keep progressing until you get to the inner colors.

Be very careful when using this weapon. Never aim it at people. Avoid hitting animals too. Choose a practice area that’s wide open and away from buildings or furnishings.

All it takes to make a bow and arrow are a few tools and a little creativity. After the first piece is finished, the next ones will be easy to create.

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