How to Carve Fruit

Carving is one of the most popular forms of art that is very easy to learn. Fruits are usually carved by artists to provide attractive decorations and centerpieces in homes. Some of the fruits that are commonly used in this art are watermelon and cantaloupe. To have a beautiful and distinct centerpiece in your house, follow the instructions below since these will help you learn how to carve fruit.

Materials and Tools

To enjoy doing this special activity, get all the materials and tools needed beforehand. The most important material in this activity is a large fruit. Aside from this, you will use wooden skewers, a large spoon and a knife with sharp wide blade. Other tools that will be useful when carving a fruit are a washable marker and a melon baller.


To learn how to carve fruit, it is essential to start with determining designs that are useful in this activity. You can browse magazines and look at websites to have ideas about patterns that can be used for carving a fruit. Make sure that the design that you choose will suit the size of the fruit that you have. After getting a design or a pattern, the next step is to make an outline. Use the washable marker to outline the design on the fruit.

As soon as the outline has been done, remove the bottom part of the fruit with the use of the knife. This will provide the fruit a flat surface, which is important when making a centerpiece. Get the knife and follow the outline of the design. Remember to cut the fruit smoothly from outside to inside and vice versa in order to make a beautiful, nice and attractive centerpiece.

After carving the fruit, get a cloth and wash it with warm water. Use the cloth to remove visible lines from the fruit. Get the large spoon, melon baller and the wooden skewers. Use these materials to remove all the seeds in the carving. Place the fruit carving in a clean plate and put it on the center of the table. To make it more attractive, place sliced fruits around the centerpiece.

Tips and Warnings

Practice is very important to do this activity successfully. You can ask assistance from artists who are knowledgeable about carving fruits to know techniques and strategies that can help you improve your artistic skills. Additionally, you can read books about fruit carvings to have ideas about the different patterns that can be used in this special and interesting activity.

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