Cellulitis Infection

Cellulitis infection is the bacterial infection of the layers of the skin. This occurs when the layers of the skin breaks and the bacteria then enter and invade it and spread to different parts . The break in the skin may be due to a burn, a cut, or an ulcer. Cellulitis infection occurs mainly in humans but is also found in poultry. dogs, horses and cats.

Symptoms and treatments in humans

In humans cellulitis may be caused by animal bite ,insect bite or cuts due to surgical procedure . This is identified by tenderness swelling and redness of the skin. As the red areas increase the person may develop fever, swollen lymph nodes. Cellulitis usually occurs in the foot, neck, or head. Depending on the type of inflammation it can be treated with either an antibiotic, or a corticosteroid. It is not contagious to others but the bacteria could spread over the body.

Symptoms and treatments in poultry

This occurs when the inflammation of connective tissues results in the condemnation of the poultry meat, particularly in broiler chickens. It is seen as an area of yellow and thick skin on the abdomen. Usually the whole chicken is discarded. For prevention the chicken barns can be disinfected before the new chickens are born since bacteria multiply in humid, and dirty environments. Another prevention method is to examine toe scrapes, and monitoring scrapes so that these will not develop into cellulitis.

Symptoms and treatments in horses

When horses get wounded this could get inflamed and this results in hot, painful swelling. The swelling could spread. .It could start in the inflamed area and travels down the leg. The area has to be cleaned and the wound properly taken care of by applying cold hosing, or antibiotics.

Cellulitis infection in dogs

Cellulitis in dogs occurs as soft red sore masses in dogs on the skin. The bacteria enter through the skin through a cut or sore, and start producing enzymes that break down the skin cells. It is most common in the lower limbs on a dog, and it spreads down that limb. It can also be formed as a result of abscesses.

Cellulitis infection in cats

Cats usually have a lot of bacteria in their mouths, and when they bite or scratch another cat they inject this bacteria which infects the wound and cause cellulitis. They inflict deep cuts and so the bacteria gets trapped, and after many days will cause pain and swelling. It is always best to take the cat to the veterinary clinic.


Since the skin protects us from bacteria we should take care of it.  If we should get any form of breakage of the skin, wipe the area properly to prevent bacteria entering. We should also keep our environment clean. Humans with weak immune systems, the elderly, and persons with poor circulation should be extremely cautious. It is best to seek medical attention and apply whatever medication is given. Owners of pets or poultry farm owners should follow the same guidelines.

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