Changing Your AOL password is an Easy Task

AOL is a popular site with a lot of users. There are times when a user would want to change his or her password for various reasons. The main two reasons are when the password of a user is compromised or when the user has forgotten his or her password.  In either case changing a password doesn’t require the knowledge of rocket science. All it needs is a little patience.

The  following steps may help when trying to change your AOL password:

Select the <Settings> menu from the AOL toolbar.

Click on <Passwords>

Further click on the <Change Password> tab.

Type the current AOL password in the box.

Then type in the new AOL password.

Now again retype the new AOL password.

Finally click on the <Change Password> tab.

These instructions are a step by step guide to changing the AOL password. It is  easy, simple and quick, anyone can do it.

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