Crafts Stamping

Crafts stamping is a fun activity, some have likened it to scrap booking; it is just as addictive and is full of immense potential. For stay at home moms, retirees or lovers of arts and crafts, this skill can grow into a profitable cottage industry business with a wide market filled with many potential clients. Crafts stamping involves making decorative items and even spaces using rubber or wooden craft stamps and varying ink or paint colors. In order to turn this skill into a lucrative business it requires unique ideas and the dedication to provide a product that is needed or one that is marketable.

Craft stamping ideas

Stenciling is a charming way to decorate a powder room or a small bathroom in your home. Just like stencils, you may make your own stamps and add charm to any room or surface in your home. To make your own stamps you may use the imagepac Justrite polymer stamp system. This is a stamp kit that comes with the tools to make your own stamps. It comes with a limit of 20 small stamps so this may not be your first choice.

A more unique way to make your own stamps is to draw patterns on varying sizes of blocks of wood and take them to a carpenter for him/ her to carve the design, raising it out of the wood in the same fashion a pre-made stamp is raised.

For your home

Create your own unique stamp, think of your design ideas and execute.

A creative bathroom idea could be a child’s bedroom. Create various animal stamps of various sizes , dip into paint and stamp unto the wall these may require you to tape them to the wall for some time but the results will looks as beautiful as if you did it with a stencil and the stamps last longer and can be washed so that different paint colors can be used.

For novelty items

Greeting cards

Greeting cards are a good idea if you want to take your craft stamping skills and turn them into a business idea. Making personalized cards will set you apart from the rest and the overhead will be relatively low since the materials are relatively cheap and you would work on a done to order system.

To create greeting cards you may mix and match your colors and your stamps to give a funky look or you may just want an elegant and understated look.

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Cartridge Paper (different colors at least two per card)
  • Your rubber or wooden stamp
  • Your ink pad


  1. After you have chosen your card colors, cut out the sizes you will need from your paper.
  2. Dip your rubber or wooden stamp into the ink and stamp the card in the places you see fit. Do not overcrowd the card; this will be too busy and distasteful.
  3. Allow the ink to dry and then add your finishing touches such as words.
  4. You may also create a logo stamp. This will add an extra charm.

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