How to Carve a Wooden Pipe

Do you have interest and skills in wood carving? Do you like to explore and try the different methods of carving? Do you want to create useful things or products out of high quality wood? Then express your artistic side and showcase your talent. Impress your friends and families by making an attractive and useful pipe. Below are the fundamental steps that you can follow to learn how to carve a wooden pipe.

Materials and Tools

Knowing how to carve a wooden pipe is very simple and easy. Start with getting the important materials and tools for this project. One of the important materials in this project is a Bruyere wood or any type of wood. When selecting the wood type, it is important to do some research on the effects of the wood on tobacco’s taste if ever a smoker uses the wooden pipe. Afterwards, get some of the carving tools that will be used in the project such as a milling cutter, a chisel as well as a grafter. Aside from this, you need a saw, sandpaper, a pencil and a drill.


Designing the Wood

The initial step in this project is to pick a design for the pipe. You can do this by surfing the Internet or by looking at books and magazines about wooden pipes. After selecting a design, look at the measurements and make sure to follow these when doing the outlines for the pipe. As soon as you have selected a design, proceed with the steps in carving.

Carving the Wood

Outline the design on the surface of the wood. Follow the outline with the use of a saw. Make sure that you follow the recommended measurements as well as the basic shape of the stem and the bowl. Get a pencil and make a circle on the wood’s end that has a wider area. Draw another circle outside the first circle. These shapes will be used as outlines for the bowl’s hollow portion.

Illustrate a narrow round shape at the other end of the bowl that serves as the mouthpiece of the wooden pipe. Follow the outline with a drill to make the mouthpiece. Get a chisel and finish the edges as well as the inner portion of the pipe. Cut the portions of the wood that is not needed. Get the sandpaper. Use the material to finish the outer portion of the wood. Afterwards, get the lacquer and polish the pipe.

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