Dance Hip Hop

Hip hop dance is a style of dance developed in the 1970’s with the inception of hip hop music. This style of dance is considered an integral part of the hip hop culture and because the style of dance changes with the evolution of hip hop music then hip hop dancing is considered to be part of the popular culture. Influenced by Latino, African, Caribbean and American black culture, hip hop dance combines a lot of different dance moves that flow smoothly with the music. Hip hop dances are distinctive and easily recognizable. A unique plus is that it allows you to add your own flare and attitude.

The influence of hip hop dance on the entertainment industry and mainstream media.

Hip hop music has a wide reach in the entertainment industry. The various components of hip hop, whether the dress, music, attitude, dance or general style come as a collective package called the hip hop culture. This culture has infiltrated movies, television, sports and popular culture.

Styles of hip hop dance

Learning how to dance hip hop is fun; it is a fantastic skill to have. The styles change constantly and the moves are a work-out for your muscles. Before you learn this genre of dance it is important to have an idea of the more popular styles and those that formed the foundation of this genre of dance.

Break dancing or B-boying

This style of hip hop dance was created in the 1970’s in the Bronx, New York. It was created by African Americans and kept current by Latinos. Break dancing involves four basic moves from which all other moves are derived.  These are,

  • Toprock: this basic style involves a series of foot movements performed while in a standing position.
  • Downrock: this basic style involves a series of foot movements performed at ground level while using the hands for support.
  • Freezing: this basic style involves unique hand poses.
  • Power moves: this basic style involves moves that are for the sole purpose of impressing your audience.


Locking was developed in Los Angeles, California also in the 1970’s, by Don Campbell. The style was popularized by his dance crew; the Lockers. Locking is a consistent freezing of your dance position during your dance routine. This is done multiple times throughout the routine and the pose is held for just a few seconds. This creates a dramatic effect and is sometimes confused with popping. However, pop- locking is a different style adapted from combining these two styles of dance.


Popping was developed in Fresno, California by Sam Solomon. This is a very distinctive style of hip hop dance and is easily recognizable and differentiated from locking. Popping involves gliding, floating and sliding while jerking the body. This jerk is not an aggressive movement but instead goes to the beat of the music, slowly transitioning to different positions. The transitions are smooth and are always performed mid glide, slide or float.

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