How to Use Heelys

Before you start using Heelys, make sure you’re wearing safety pads. If you’re just practicing, this will be necessary so you don’t get injured.

Putting on Your Heelys

Get out the Heelys tool. Use it to take out the flat piece on the shoe’s bottom. Install the wheels. The wheels are in place when you hear a clicking sound. Stomp on the wheel. If it’s locked in, it won’t come off. Look for an empty road or lot. It needs to have a bit of slope (for beginners, it shouldn’t be too steep).

How to Start Using Heelys

Begin pushing off with your right or left foot. Now pull it back using the one in front. Use your heels for balance. Be careful that you don’t go too far back or you’ll fall. Push yourself slightly. You’ll begin going down the slope. To stop, roll your heels back. This technique will let you slow down before stopping.

Alternatively you can slam the feet. However this technique shouldn’t be used by beginners. If you’re rolling fast, the momentum may keep your upper body moving. When you’ve had a few practices with the heel stop, try this one too. You’ll want to be able to master both techniques.

Make sure you’re using Heelys on a smooth road or surface. Long time skaters can handle surface cracks easily. In the meantime, it’s best to start with smooth surfaces.

Avoid skating in places where there are rocks, debris and other potential obstacles. You can try skating around an obstacle course when you’ve got the experience.


To get the proper balance, stand straight after putting on your Heelys. Position your legs so they’re about shoulder wide apart. When starting out, place your dominant foot behind the other one. Just imagine that you are going for a walk.

Don’t hesitate when you are using Heelys. Make your move. Just take the first step forward with confidence. The non dominant foot goes first followed by your dominant one. After planting the heels, keep the toe up.

Keep the toe up even when you start the push. When making preliminary moves, the back foot should be behind the other foot. To make movement easier, think of the front foot as a steering wheel. Use it to direct your movement.


Never put your feet side by side; this will upset your balance and cause you to fall down. Heelys aren’t like the typical roller skates. One foot should always be in front of the other.

Don’t be embarrassed about holding on to bars or poles. Over time you’ll be able to move down slopes with ease. But while you’re practicing, you can use supports to help you get a push. Never try sloping down steep slopes until you have enough practice. Don’t ask someone to give you a push down the slope; it’s too risky.

If you know how to use roller skates, using Heelys will be a piece of cake. Even if you’ve never tried roller skates before, getting used to it will only take a few practice sessions.

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