How to Throw a Cast Net

Cast netting is a very efficient method to fish for bait and shrimp. However, it takes effective throwing to be able to do it properly. There are many proven ways on how to throw a cast net. There is a list of suggested instructions for each cast net. Following these simple steps will help you learn some tips on throwing a net effectively.

1. Attach the lead line throughout your left wrist. The left hand should be placed in the second loop then haul the line to secure it around your wrist.

2. Release the net and line at your feet. Circle the line in your left hand until you unload all the looseness from the line and your left hand held about chest level.

3. Cinch the slide ring on the lead line, which is at the center, with your right hand. Then glide it up the lead line into your left hand. You will observe the net extended as the slider ring is carried along the lead line. When you are able to elevate the net off of the deck with the slider ring, the net should be suspended straight down along with all the lead weights around the undermost skirt hanging about the same height in a lump. Disentangle the filaments on the innermost part of the net before continuing if the weights are not hanging equally.

Hold the net with your right hand to going to the bottom about half of the way after the slider ring is fixed in your left hand. Pass the net culled to your left hand in your right without dropping the coil. If your left hand seem uneasily crowded, you may hold the net just below the coil instead of the ring itself.

5. Hold a portion of the bottom skirt which is in between the weights and put the portion in your teeth. Then hold the skirt at a point, arms-length from the portion in your teeth in counter-clockwise.

6.At the waist, after turning to your the left, wind up and throw the net by turning to your right and let go of all points instantly. And don’t ever forget to release with your teeth.

7. If the net is spread out perfectly with a slight clockwise twist as it flies, it means that you are doing it correctly. The cast net should settle to the bottom in a few moments. After that, pull it up with the lead line coiling in your left hand.

8. Once the net reaches you, you should lift it onto the platform by the lead line and run the slider ring up to empty it.

It takes years to master throwing a cast net but it only takes minutes to learn. These instruction is for right-handed throwing, so if you’re left-handed, simply reverse the process. Let’s go fishing!

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