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Many persons make several New Year’s resolutions with the aim of self improvement. One common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight or get in shape. A good way to accomplish such a resolution is by designing a fitness program that one can stick to long enough to see results. One way to do this is through the use of an exercise bench.

An exercise bench is a useful addition to any home or professional gym. An exercise bench can be used in the most simple to the most complex of fitness programs to get satisfactory results. The use of an exercise bench in a fitness routine may or may not be combined with other fitness paraphernalia to design a creative fitness routine.

The Right Fit

There are many different forms of an exercise bench that one may choose from in order to rev up a fitness routine. The type of exercise bench chosen for one’s routine will be dependent on the individual’s needs. Beginners or those re-starting a fitness routine after a long period of time may go ahead and do that with the use of a simple flat fitness bench. Some of the best in the line include those from Deltech Fitness, Trion Fitness and TKO to name a few. These options are a good start for beginners and those re-adjusting to a fitness routine.

For the more advanced fitness practitioner who may be seeking to continue and even improve his or her routine, there are options such as the Cap Barbell Fitness FID Bench as well as the Five Position Adjustable Fitness Bench from Trion. Due their adjustable qualities, these benches provide more advanced users with options for advanced positioning and exercises. Simply put, a static exercise bench works well for those starting out while a flexible adjustable exercise bench provides for more advanced users more advanced options.

Types of Exercises

Typically, an exercise bench may be used as part of many different and effective exercise routines whether they are adjustable or not. Some of the basic exercises include barbell or bench presses and tricep extensions for the upper body and leg extensions with an optional use of an ankle weight for the legs. The beginner when using an exercise bench to execute such exercises may begin with very light weights or no weights at all. More advanced exercisers and exercise bench users may use heavier weights and more equipment. It is recommended that a beginner does his or her first set of leg extensions for a few days without the use of the ankle weights. This will help the body to safely adjust to the prospect of a new fitness routine and the use of an exercise bench. After some time has passed, the beginner can begin to use a very light set of ankle weights in order to add some challenge to the fitness routine and make it more dynamic.

Safety First

When using an exercise bench, or any other fitness material, one should always remember safety comes first. This goes for both beginners and advanced users. It helps to do a little research on the exercise bench of one’s choice and determine which exercises are safest and most effective to do on that model. It helps to also study and master each exercise slowly before improving repetitions or weight. These applications will help all users exercise safely with the use of an exercise bench in their fitness routines.

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