How Can I Contact the IRS?

The Internal Revenue Service (also known as the IRS) is one of the federal government agencies in the United States. This agency is in-charge of the collection of taxes as well as the enforcement of laws concerning taxation. In addition to this, it sends pronouncements to taxpayers regarding errors in their filed taxes. If you have questions or complaints about taxation, below are some of the steps that you can follow to contact or reach the Internal Revenue Service.


How can I contact the IRS? There are different ways of contacting any of the employees working at the Internal Revenue Service. One of the easiest ways is by calling its hotline. Individuals with inquiries, questions and complaints can call the agency at this number (800) 829-1040. Additionally, business owners can reach the agency at (800) 829-4933. Individuals who are suffering from hearing impairment can contact the agency with the use of TDD at this number (800) 829-4059. Individuals can call the agency from 7 in the morning until 10 in the evening in their time zone. Make sure that when you can the Internal Revenue Service you have all the paperwork needed. If you are inquiring about a notice from the agency, it is best that you know the identification numbers in the notice.

Another way of contacting the agency is by visiting the local office of IRS. If the problem that you need to consult with the agency is complex, then it is best that you set an appointment with any of the staff of IRS. Aside from contacting the hotline and going to local office, you can also communicate with the staff of IRS by sending an email to the agency. To know the email address of the agency, it is best that you go to the website of IRS. To identify the site of the agency, just type the keyword IRS or Internal Revenue Service on a search engine and click search.

If you have problems with tax refunds, it is best if you call the department of the agency responsible for such issue. Just dial (800) 829-4477 to talk about refunds. To avoid having problems with your inquiries, it is important that you have the documents before calling the agency. It is also necessary that you determine your filing status as well as social security number. Above all, know the amount that you want to refund from the agency.

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