How to Write a Job Transfer Request

Knowing how to write a job transfer request is as easy and simple as knowing how to create a cover letter for a resume. This letter is commonly written and sent by professionals who are in search for new career opportunities and job positions in their companies. The letter is also important to professionals who want to transfer to job positions in the other offices of their employers. Below is a quick guide on writing and sending an interesting and convincing job transfer request.

Reason for the Request

When writing this formal letter, it is very essential that the sender includes a reason for a job transfer request. There are two common reasons for writing the letter. There can be a vacant position in the company that only employees are allowed to apply or an employee wishes to be transferred to another position and location for personal reasons.

Include Accomplishments and Contributions to the Company

In order to consider the request, an employee should include accomplishments as well as contributions to the company. The letter should be similar in a resume, which includes the achievements and special skills of an employee. It is also advantageous to include the interest of the person to contribute to the growth of the company by sharing one’s special skills and talents.

Achievements of the Company

To get the attention of bosses who will read and consider a job transfer request, it is best that the letter contains information about the achievements of the company. Aside from this, an employee requesting for a job transfer should state the contributions of the firm to the career growth of employees. In addition, remember to include the responsibilities and tasks performed that are important to the new posted position.


Before ending a job transfer request, do not forget to thank the company and offer free training to the person who will replace one’s present position. In this way, the firm will be assured that the new employee who will replace the position will perform the tasks and responsibilities well.


To learn how to write a job transfer request, a person should start with knowing the format of a business letter. Similar with a business letter, the request should have a block style. In addition, it should contain the basic parts of a formal letter, which include the date the request was written, sender’s name and position, receiver’s name and position, salutation, enclosure as well as carbon copy recipients.

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