How to Bake a Chocolate Cake

Chocolate-flavored cake makes a very nice dessert for breakfast, lunch or dinner. For sure, you will find it very hard to resist especially with the rich chocolaty taste and soft tender texture of this delightful recipe. Furthermore, it makes use of very simple ingredients and is very easy to prepare. For a chance to experience such yummy treat, it is important to learn how to bake a chocolate cake.


In terms of ingredients, there is really no need to search for special items just to complete this dish. All you have to bring are easy-to-find ingredients like a cup brown sugar, ½-cup milk and 4-ounces of unsweetened chocolate. In addition, be sure to prepare 2-cups of cake flour, an egg yolk and ¼-teaspoon Jamaican allspice.

Of course, you also need to have other items such as ½-cup butter, ½-teaspoon salt as well as a teaspoon of baking soda. Moreover, it is also important to prepare 3-tablespoons water, 2-pieces of egg yolks and a cup of superfine sugar. Additionally, set aside a tablespoon of dark rum, a teaspoon of vanilla as well as ½-cup milk. Lastly, you must prepare a couple of whipped egg whites.


Set your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Grease a couple of 9-inch layer cake pans with either butter or oil. In a clean container, combine brown sugar, allspice and milk. Likewise, add the chocolate and an egg yolk. Whisk them all together. Expect the mixture to thicken. Add salt and baking soda. Get a waxed paper and then sift flour all over.

Get the bowl of the electric mixer and then pour in two egg yolks, sugar and butter. Whip these ingredients together. When adding the egg yolks, make it one at a time. After pouring the first yolk, beat well first before adding the second one.

Get a cup and the combine the dark rum, vanilla extract, milk and water. Stir them together. Simply pour the flour mixture into the butter mixture. After that, add the mixture containing water, milk and vanilla. Add the chocolate custard mixture. Beat it until the mixture turn acquires a smooth texture. Use the electric mixer to mix the ingredients. Set it to medium speed and run for about two to three minutes.

Prepare a new bowl. Put the two egg whites inside and then attach the wire whisk to the electric mixer. Beat them until they form soft peaks. Fold it gently into the cake batter. Arrange the dish in the cake pans. Put them inside the oven and then bake for around 25 minutes. Remove it thereafter and then allow it to cool down. Spread chocolate frosting all over the cake. Be sure to cover all spaces.

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