How to Bake a Turkey

You don’t need a lot of guidelines to learn how to bake a turkey dish in your own kitchen at home. As long as you are truly interested, you’ll actually be fine with just a few steps.

That said, here are a few easy steps for you to get started in learning how to bake a turkey dish.

First: Prepare the Turkey for Baking.

Before you purchase your turkey, be sure to check if all the parts are there. There are times when the giblets of the turkey or the neck are not included in the bag. So, to be sure, ask assistance to see if everything is there.

After bringing it home, remove from the bag and place it in a pan.

Second: Be Sure to Get the Appropriate Baking Dish.

For baking turkey for thanksgiving or during other occasions that may call for this dish, you may need to use the most appropriate baking dish to put your turkey in. If you opt for a smaller sized pan, there is a tendency that most of the turkey juices may flow out while being cooked in the oven.

That is why you should have a suitable pan of about three to four inches in its depth to hold your turkey well so that you would be sure to keep the juices in the pan as it bakes.

Don’t forget to preheat your oven to about 325 degrees.

Third: Dress Your Turkey to Help Add Flavor.

The next step to do in baking your turkey is to dress your turkey before placing it in the oven. Choose your favorite spices if you like.

Typically, the spices to add include: Salt, pepper, rosemary, garlic, and salt. Rub these ingredients around your turkey to enhance its flavor.

You may also rub butter on your turkey. Keep in mind that you need to coat all the sides evenly.

After that, it’s time to bake your turkey. Baking time for this would take about five hours if you are going to use about twenty pounds of turkey since a suitable cooking time for each pound of turkey meat is set at about fifteen minutes.

While there are many recipes that may have a lot of steps to follow, instead of getting interested to learn, you may merely end up more confused as ever if you’re still learning how to bake a turkey dish. For novices in the kitchen, about three to five steps is all right to follow to keep your interest in cooking alive, and allow you time to get your own feel for baking this particular dish.

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