How to Cook Pork Hocks

Many people love to use pork hocks in cooking because they serve as excellent ingredients for making fine-tasting treats and delicacies. They are usually known for their tenderness and rich flavor, which blend well together with other ingredients and food elements like soups, vegetables and cheeses. For those who wish to learn how to cook pork hocks, they can try cooking different types of fine tasting treats such as Sauerkraut with Smoked Pork Hocks, Jellied Pork Hocks as well as Stewed Pork Hocks.

Sauerkraut with Smoked Pork Hocks

For this simple and delectable recipe, gather fresh ingredients like ½-teaspoon of celery seed, ½-teaspoon of marjoram leaves and a piece of sliced onion. Aside from these, bring in the major ingredients including 2-cans of drained sauerkraut, 4-pieces of smoked pork hocks and an apple cut into eighths. Furthermore, prepare at least 4 c. of water.

When cooking this dish, people can use either a Dutch oven or a large kettle. Set them on moderate heat. Put in the marjoram leaves together with the onion, water and meat. Once the liquid boils, reduce the heat slowly. Cover the dish tightly and then allow it to cook for at least 1½-hours. After this step, drain the kettle. Put aside a cup of the liquid. Add the celery seed, sauerkraut and the reserved liquid right into the kettle. Put the cover once again and then wait for at least 15 minutes to cook. Add the apple slices and then wait for another 15 minutes. Serve to guests and enjoy.

Jellied Pork Hocks

This simple dish makes use of 2½-pounds of fresh pork hocks as key ingredient. This particular treat makes use of minced clove garlic, a piece of bay leaf and ¼-teaspoon pepper. Furthermore, prepare at least a quart of water for boiling. In a nice clean cooking pot, gather all the ingredients and then mix thoroughly. Wait for the liquid to boil in moderate heat. Allow the dish to simmer until the elements are tender. After acquiring its pleasing aroma and flavor, it is now time to take the bay leaf off the dish. Wait for the dish to cool down and then remove the fat. The liquid will then acquire a gel form, which can be served later on together with the dish.

Stewed Pork Hocks

This is another simple but definitely tasty recipe. The ingredients are very easy to find, which include at least ½-cabbage, 3-pieces potatoes sliced and at least 2-pounds of pork hocks. In a clean pot, pour seasoned boiling water right onto the pork hocks. Cover the dish and then allow it to cook for around 1½ to 3 hours. At the final ½-hour of the cooking process, add the cabbage and potatoes. Serve and enjoy.

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