How to Become an ASPCA Officer

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (also known as ASPCA) is a nonprofit organization in the United States that aims to offer different efficient means in eliminating animal cruelty in the country. There are some requirements that people should satisfy if they want to become a member of the organization. However, for those who want to know how to become an ASPCA officer, discussed below are the application process and trainings to be completed.


Learning how to become an ASPCA officer starts with the completion of the requirements to apply for the position. These include a high school diploma and a proof of residency in New York state. Aside from these, applicants should be at least 21 years old and should obtain a drivers license. Additionally, the officials of the organization will conduct a background investigation of the applicant.

Application Process

Information about the application process for the position is available in the web site and jobs page of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. To know the process, look at the Anti-Cruelty Division in the jobs page. If there are available ASPCA officer, then feel free to submit a resume in the site. Do not forget to include a cover letter for the resume. The letter should state the achievements and accomplishments of the applicant.

The organization will contact applicants that are considered for the position. To become an ASPCA officer, it is necessary that they pass a series of examinations related to the job. These exams will evaluate the investigation skills as well as the knowledge of applicants on computer software, applications and programs. Above all, applicants must have sufficient understanding on law enforcement as well as animal care.

Training and Benefits

New officers of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals will undergo several trainings during their first year. These trainings are important to enhance the investigative skills of officers. In addition, these will help them improve their understanding on animal handling. Furthermore, new officers should complete training on the appropriate handling of firearms.

After finishing the trainings, an ASPCA officer should pass an examination to be considered as one of the New York State Peace Officers. Passing this examination also allows the officer to hold and use firearms when needed. Many people like to apply for the position because it is very beneficial. Aside from the average yearly salary of $45,000, ASPCA officers have vision, dental and medical benefits.

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