How to Tell if a Dog Has Parvo

The best thing that you can do for your new puppy is make sure that he gets vaccinated against parvo as soon as possible. You will also want to attend all of the follow-up visits for the boosters that your vet says he needs.


One of the signs of the parvo virus is that your puppy will have diarrhea and thus he will be unable to control where he goes to the bathroom at. The diarrhea will have a really strong, foul odor (like that of blood or decay) and it will be watery and yellow in nature. You may also see some blood in it.


Another thing that you may see is vomiting, with or without signs of abdominal pain. Some puppies’ abdomens will tuck inward and upward. Even if this doesn’t happen, your puppy’s vomit will usually be clear and foamy like phlegm.

Excessive Thirst

Your puppy may seem to be excessively thirsty. He may even go up to his water bowl and either whine or cry but refuse to drink anything. Sometimes puppies will even fall over into their water bowl because they are too weak to stand.


Puppies will usually seem disoriented, lost or confused. Instead of wagging his tail to greet you, he may simply raise his head and glance up at you before lying back down. You will also notice that whenever he gets up to walk somewhere he will change his mind and walk back to wherever he was and simply lay back down.

Depression Or Lethargy

It is important to also watch for sings of depression or lethargy. You will notice that he isn’t his usual playful self. Instead he will sleep more than usual. Sometimes people will say that it is as though their puppy has suddenly become depressed.

Lack Of Appetite

Puppies who have parvo will also refuse to eat. There will be a complete loss of appetite because his stomach won’t feel good as the parvo virus attacks his intestines. Regardless of what you do, your puppy will refuse to eat and you will not be able to do anything about this. It will seem as though your puppy has been poisoned because he will have the same symptoms that a human has whenever they are suffering from food poisoning.


Most dogs live a long, healthy life. However, it is really important for you to take heed of any symptoms that may show that your puppy is sick. You will be able to easily tell because he will be acting strange.

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