How to Cut a Dog’s Nails

Needed Tools

You’ll basically need a few tools and tidbits with you in order to cut a dog’s nails. You need both dog grooming tools and pampering tidbits in order to make things a lot easier. You’ll basically need dog nail clippers, styptic powder, cornstarch, doggie treats, and dog toys. The dog treats and the toys are to be used to show your lovable pet that you’re cutting its nails out of love and care.

How to Cut a Dog’s Nails

You need to purchase doggie nail clippers in order to cut a dog’s nails. Sometimes there would be a different type of nail trimmer for various types of dogs. You can visit your vet or a pet groomer for advice on this matter. You don’t only need to know which doggie nail clippers to use; you should ask how to use them correctly. You should inspect your dog’s nail clippers to see if they’re sharp.

Now we move on the actual steps in order to cut a dog’s nails. To start off, hold up and raise your dog’s paw gently. You then use the doggie nail cutters with your other hand. To begin with process to cut a dog’s nails you should clip from the tip first. You then work your way one little layer at a time.

Of course, you also need to know when exactly to stop trimming your dog’s nails. After each piece you trim off you should inspect the edge where you cut. Check if you see pale and pink tissue. If you do, then this simply means that you have to stop. To smoothen the edges of your dog’s nails use a nail file.

Warning: There’s a place on your dog’s nails where you shouldn’t trim. That particular spot is called the quick. This section of the paw contains blood vessels and nerves. Cutting into these will cause a lot pain to your pet dog and will make the paw bleed. The pink portion of your dog’s nail is called the quick. This is easily seen if your doggie’s nails are white. Give extra care when cutting if your dog’s nails are darker in color.

Tip: Accidents happen and sometimes you cut into a nail and the paw starts to bleed. When this happens apply styptic powder. You can use baby powder or cotton in case you don’t have styptic powder. Never wipe off any blood clots you find.

One particular nail you need to deal with is the dewclaw nail which is located on the inside of the leg. Give your doggie a treat or its favorite toy when you’re done. Remember that you should cut a dog’s nails once or twice a month.

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