How to Boil Potatoes

When looking for food rich in carbohydrate, nothing probably beats potatoes. It has lots of “resistant starch” or fibers that protect against cancer and even increases glucose tolerance. The resistant starch in potatoes further increases when they are prepared right before eating. So here is how to boil potatoes.

Things needed to Boil Potatoes

A knife peeler and a cooking pot are all that is needed for boiling these root crops. If they are to be chopped or diced before boiling, add a chopping board and a chopping knife. For stripping, add a stripping device used for making French fries. Consider the cutting style when figuring out how to boil potatoes as this can affect the span of time for cooking them. The more finely they are cut or chopped, the faster it is to cook potatoes.

To Peel or Not to Peel

Some people do not peel potatoes when they boil them. After they are boiled and well cooked, these root crops are easier to peel. All they have to do is let the potatoes cool for a while and then peel them by simply squeezing off the skin with the thumb and forefinger. However, for most people, the first thing that comes into their minds about how to boil potatoes is to peel them first before cooking. Any style will do. The main thing is to wash them thoroughly in running water before cooking potatoes.

Be Sure to Take Off the Eyes

Most potatoes have “eyes” on them. These are small dot holes where soil and dirt collect. Make sure they are screwed off with the pointed tip of a knife and thoroughly washed. Some potatoes have cracks turned brown through soil and dust exposure. Slice off these fissures and wash well. This quality control procedure is a must on how to boil potatoes.

Boiling Proper

Put the cleaned potatoes into the pot and pour water until it is an inch or two above them. If they are peeled, put a pinch or two of salt. Cooking potatoes needs high heat. Then shift to medium heat when already boiling. Boiling time depends on what dish they are designed for. Mashed potatoes, for instance, take some 40 to 60 minutes to boil. If they are to be put in beef stews, 25 minutes would be fine.

Checking for Rawness

To check if the potatoes are sufficiently cooked, simply check by piercing with a fork. From time to time, check the potatoes being cooked in a pot by seeing how easily the fork penetrates through them. If it easily bores holes through, the tubers are ready.

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