How to Build a Bar

If you are building a bar, there are several things that you need to be aware of. Commence by getting the following materials.

Required Tools and Materials

Wood (one of the most popular is oak)
Blueprint layout plan

Pick a Blueprint Plan

A blueprint plan will give you a good headstart when creating the bar. You can download a lot of these from the Net. Pick the one that best suits your idea. You can always make modifications to it later on.

Pick the Right Location

This is the most crucial part. Choose an area in the house that is accessible. Think of where it will be most convenient and enjoyable. Don’t choose a place too near the TV room because it’ll be too noisy. Remember when you’re building a bar that people will be engaged in conversation as well. A corner area would be a good spot.

Measurement is Important

Take stock of the space available. Does it have enough room for the stools, the bar etc? There must be ample room not just for the bar but for any number of people who would be coming and going there. People need to be comfortable around the area so they’ll keep coming back.

Adding the Accessories

The number of components you add determine the space required. At its most basic are the stools and the liquor storage. Other features you can add when building a bar is the sink, beer keg and blenders. If you’re going to use power, having an electrical wiring will be necessary.

Creating the Top of the Bar

Take the wood board and cut it to about ¼ inches thick. Cut another layer and put in on top of the previous one. Some prefer to just cut one thick piece; it’s your choice. Nail them onto the bar. The more layers you add, the stronger it will be.

When the bar is finished you can add the other accessories. There are cabinets you can buy. However you can make them yourself. If you have some carpentry experience, making the cabinets will be easy. If you are building a bar but have no experience, it might be better to buy cabinets and shelves instead.

Other Tips

Painting usually isn’t needed if you use polished wood. Staining is often the better option. Adding some of these (up to 4 layers) will fortify the bar. Staining can be used in the shelves and cabinets.

The key to a successful bar is variety. Have different beers, gins, whiskeys and wines among the collection. Add different types of glasses. These will be necessary for the different wines and drinks. Having different beer mugs and glassware will give the bar a more polished look.

The design of the place is also crucial. It can have a multicolored looked, or there could be a dominant color. Just keep in mind when you’re building a bar that it’s all about fun. Have fun when making it and everything should come out right.

Additional Information On Building A Bar

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