How to Build a Brick Wall

If you have any experience making steps, learning to build a brick wall will be a simple process. If you have no knowledge about this, just prepare the following and follow the directions.

The Equipment and Materials

A shovel
Measuring tape
Optional (wall ties, wheelbarrow, nails, chord and brush)

Quality and Amount

The quality of the bricks and cement are crucial. Get the best you can afford. Settling for low quality types will result in cracks. They will also succumb easily to weather changes. If you buy the high end though expensive material now, you’ll save money in the long run.

The amount you need will depend on the size of the wall. Tell the person in the store the dimensions and you’ll be informed just how much you should have.

Laying Down the Foundation

To build a brick wall start by measuring the base. Remove any obstacles on the site first. Use the chalk to outline the scope of the wall. Put in the concrete and let it dry. After drying get some of the bricks. Make sure they are damp so it will not absorb the water in the concrete. Put this at the corner. Always begin at the corner so judging distances will be easy.

Putting the Bricks and Cement Together

Align the bricks as accurately as possible. Leave little to no space between them. Remember that the cement must have dried completely. Otherwise the whole structure might collapse. As you build a brick wall, you will eventually reach the halfway point. Add in the initial layer on the foundation. All the bricks must be layered as accurately as possible. If there is a gap the structure will not be solid.

To help you in aligning them, use a 1/8 chord. When it aligns properly, your layering is correct. When you have finished layering one set, let the cement dry completely. After that you can proceed to the other layers. The process is the same. Align the bricks and use cement to fix them.

Warnings and Tips

Assess if the bricks dry too quickly. If after five courses they do, utilize a jointer for clearing up the joint sections. If you are going to build a brick wall and attach the structure to your house, place nail metal ties on the wall studs. By bending they will be on topmost part of the structure.

If the structure is going to be several feet high you will need to use scaffolding. If you don’t know how to set one up, have someone who is capable of doing so put it in place for you. Safety should always be your topmost priority. Wearing hard hats is also recommended. This ensures protection should a brick fall down. If you are working with someone, make sure that person also wears safety gear.

The key in making this structure is the material quality and how you put them together. By ensuring that everything is aligned correctly, you will be able to build a brick wall in no time.

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