How to Build a Chicken Coop

You need to build a chicken coop if you are serious about raising these creatures. Although it will take some work, the process can be shortened if you prepare the appropriate equipment first.

Required Tools and Materials

Wood (2 x 4)
Chicken wire
Cinder blocks
Insulation strips
Nails and screws

Select the Right Location

This is very important. Choose an elevated spot. This is to keep water out during rainy season. A high place will also make it less accessible to predators.

Design the Structure

There are several questions that need to be answered. Chief among them is how big a land area is needed. On average, each hen needs 2 sq ft. For the yard, an individual chicken requires 10 sq ft. Get the proportions right before you build a chicken coop. There must also be a nest container per 5 hens. The perch area for a single chicken is between 6 to 10 inches.

Make sure the door can accommodate your size. The windows should also be oriented to the south to face the sun. Of course, ventilation is also important.

Create the Base

Cut the wood boards. Create as many posts as needed. Plant them about a foot deep into the ground. Take the wood boards and cut them to the right lengths. Fasten them to the structure using nails and screws.

Putting on the Wires

To continue to build a chicken coop, add the wires. Use your hammer and nails to set the wires in place. You can also use wire fence if you like. Add the cinder blocks for more support around the wood boards. Put in the insulation strips.

Create the Roof and Windows

Cut and saw the roof in the desired shape. For best results, use rust resistant aluminum. Put it in place and fasten with bolts and screws.

Put the windows in place. Put some hardware cloth around it to keep predators away. If there aren’t any in your area, the wires will be sufficient. You can also install glass windows if you prefer.

Putting in the Nest Boxes

Go inside and put in the nest containers after you build a chicken coop. Put in the straw. You can also set the perches now too. The ideal elevation is 4 feet.

Protecting the Structure

For maximum security setup a wire fence around the entire perimeter. Make it at least 3 ft tall. This will not only keep predators away but also keep the chickens inside. Insert the fence a foot deep in the ground to keep it firm.

You can also add netting and millet in the yard. These act as deterrent and shelter against birds of prey.

Set the feeders equal to the height of the chicken’s back. This prevents them from sticking their heads in the ground and polluting their food. Replace the water if it gets dirty.

Raising these creatures as hobby or business can be time consuming. But if you build a chicken coop, a lot of the hard work can be reduced.

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