How to Build a Fire Pit

There’s nothing better than roasting marshmallows or hotdogs over a fire. You can enjoy this every night once you build a fire pit.

Tools and Materials

Stones (12 x 12; stackable and can be interlocked)
Spray paint, flour or chalk
Pea gravel
Concrete pavers or stones

Select the Right Location

While the view and fresh air is important, safety comes first. So avoid those with trees or electrical wiring. Be sure that there are no underground pipes in the spot you select. Also steer clear from buildings or other nearby houses. In terms of the ground, a plain surface is preferred. However it is also possible to make one on a slightly sloped surface.

Preparing the Spot

After you select the site, you can start to build a fire pit. Drive a stake through the ground. Secure a string around the stake. Connect it to a nail and place it 2 ft away. Spray paint a circle shape around the stake. You can use flour as an alternative.

Dig a hole about 1 ft deep. Try to keep the edges straight. After reaching a foot deep, dig another hole. Make it 6” x 6” and a foot deep. Scuff out the bottom of this hole. Throw in some 4 inches of gravel. The outer hole should be filled too. If the surface is uneven, add more gravel to one side to balance it out. This will serve as the drainage system.

Adding the Sand and Concrete Pavers

The next step to build a fire pit is to add the sand. While the gravel is for draining, this is to prevent the fire from getting to the lower levels. Now put some concrete pavers around the pit. At least two rows will be needed. Dry stack is recommended as it will be easier to replace. Avoid using glue as it will fuse them together. Not only will they melt but also release potentially dangerous chemical elements.

Safety Warnings

It is a good idea to check the city ordinances and fire bureau for rules and regulations. This will keep you away from any legal troubles about lighting an open fire. Some towns and cities also have specific rules about how to build a fire pit. If that is the case, stick to the regulations.

You should also have at least 4 gallons of water with you when you light it up. Just in case the fire gets too large you can put it out easily.

You can use stones rather than concrete pavers. But do not utilize those that come from rivers or any body of water. If the stones are wet, the water will change to steam when near hot temperatures. The stones will explode. This can be very dangerous. To avoid this situation use dry stones.

When you build a fire pit savoring a night of camping will never be too far away. From smoking barbecues or just relaxing, expect to have many enjoyable nights with friends and family.

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