How to Build a Circular Deck

Most of them are in square or rectangular shape, so if you build a circular deck, yours will stand out. The good thing about it is it’s no less complicated than the average deck.

Required Tools and Materials

Brace (1 x 4)
Stain or paint
Trammel (a type of compass available in hardware stores)
Wood boards
Tape measure
Paper and pencil for sketches
Concrete mixture (if necessary)

Prepare the Site

Because the structure is simple, you don’t need to make any detailed drawings. Instead you should clear the site. Remove any rocks and cut off the grass. If the surface needs working on, mix some concrete. Dig a hole and pour in the mixture.

Make the Posts

To build a circular deck, use a tape measure to get the right proportion for the posts. Cut each post with the saw. When finished, set them on the right location. Add as many beams as you think are needed to support the structure.

Add the Joists and Get the Radius

Get some joists and connect them to both ledger board and the beams. If necessary, put a cross block among the two jousts for added support and strength.

Take a 1 x 4 brace and take note of the point where the cover will commence. Use the tape measure to gauge the distance between the jousts on both sides of the beam. Get your pen and paper. Take the figure and divide it in half. The result is the radius. This will help you build a circular deck more easily. Next use the trammel to set it in place.

Using the Protractor

Utilize this device to obtain the right angles to slice the jousts properly. Align the squares to attain the joust layout. Trace the joist edge all the way to the pivot. Note the area where the square and degrees meet. Also mark the point where the curve lines meet the point of the jousts.

Make the Deck

When the marks have been set, cut the joust. A circular saw is the best option. Put a straightedge on it. Go to the point where the lines for the curves commence. Use the saw to cut the shapes. This is the final step to build a circular deck properly.


The process is the same as with any other. First you should don on a mask. Mix the paint if necessary. Apply as many layers as needed. You can also go for the staining option. Two layers will be enough in most cases.

Always double check your measurements and if the screws and bolts are fastened. Before putting any of the furniture in place, make sure that it is secured. The wood you use will also play a critical part so get the sturdy types. Steer clear of those with splinters as it will require more staining work on your part.

The challenge of trying to build a circular deck will be using the protractor and making the proper alignments. However, with a little patience it can be done.

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